5 Food and Drinks That are Surprisingly Good for the Body

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As much as we all would love to eat healthy every day, it proves to be a struggle especially when we are surrounded with delicious temptations. The thought of eating broccoli isn’t on par with the thought of eating bacon when we’re starved, nor does a light salad with a thick meaty burger. Regardless, healthy eating doesn’t necessarily have to be a struggle!

In fact, there are foods which we easily have access to which can surprisingly bring good benefits to the body. Consuming them in healthy amounts every now and then can contribute greatly to the betterment of your general well-being in the long run.

1. Avocado
Today’s generation of millennials possess a notable love for Avocado. It has been a popular ingredient in various sandwiches and salads, thanks to its growing demand. While people generally associate the fruit as a fatty food, the kind of fat that is in Avocados is actually a good fat. As a matter of fact, these fats help in absorbing the rich antioxidants and nutrients an Avocado contains!

2. Coffee
Coffee has grown into a necessity for a lot of people in the workforce, or even to students who are working on their coursework. While coffee receives a stigma for heart palpitations and increased anxiety in some cases, drinking moderate amount of coffee is actually good for the health! The drink is rich with antioxidants — spawning the belief that a coffee a day may just increase your lifespan.

3. Bread
Carbohydrates are our reliable source on gaining the energy we need for the day. Although there is a negative notion attached to consuming bread (it’s fattening, or so they say), a whole wheat bread has overlooked nutrients which are necessary to support the body’s biological processes. Some nutrients include fiber, B vitamins, protein, and antioxidants. Don’t restrain yourself from carbs, eating bread in moderation can actually be good for you!

4. Butter
Butter is often associated with the word ‘fat’, which makes it surprising for most people to know that butter has rich fat-soluble vitamins and a myriad of fatty acids. These are good for the biological processes of the body, if consumed in moderation, that is. With butter having legit good benefits to your health, there’s no reason for you to be too scared of butter consumption.

5. Peanut Butter
A staple favorite spread in most households, peanut butter proves to be an excellent source of protein. Though some of us might have grown up thinking the buttery spread is bad for us, it is actually found out to potentially decrease the risk of landing a coronary heart disease. Just make sure to consume the natural peanut butter variant without the sugar in moderation.

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