5 Recommended Packing Tips for Traveling

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So, you finally get to have a vacation and get some time outside Singapore even just for a while. Of course, you’ll surely have to bring some essentials with you. This is where packing becomes quite complicated though. Having to decide what to bring can take up a lot of your time and energy. To help you with that, here are some tips you should know when packing for your trip.

1. Pack Early

One common mistake a lot of people make is that they don’t pack ‘til the last minute. This is because you’ll be inclined to throw in anything in your bag without thinking if you really need them or not. That’s why you should pack up or at least have your clothes folded and prepared ahead of time. You’ll be able to check the things you’d want to bring and avoid bringing anything by mistake.

2. Roll Your Clothes

This is a very common tip you will hear when it comes to packing. Compared to folding your clothes and stacking them on top of another, rolling them is a much more efficient way to save space, whether in a backpack or a suitcase. You’ll find it easier to stuff rolled clothes next to each other and you’ll actually be able to maximize space. You can then fill in the gaps with smaller items like toiletries, underwear, and etc.

3. Use Your Shoes

If you’re bringing an extra pair of shoes, you can actually save more space by stuffing your socks or other smaller things in them. Another advantage is that you won’t have to search for them in your luggage and risk disarranging everything. You can also place accessories or toiletries in them, too. Again, this can be really practical because you get to save more space.

4. Avoid Bringing Small Pouches

Believe it or not, it will do you better if you try to avoid bringing smaller bags. No matter how much you argue that you need a toiletry bag or a make-up bag, they can take up space (sometimes too much space) in your luggage. Especially if you have multiple smaller pouches, they can somehow add to bulk and more wasted space. Of course, having one pouch where you can keep smaller essentials should be okay.

5. When Choosing a Bag…

When choosing a bag or suitcase, opting for the smaller ones is a great way to keep things light since you’ll be forced, in a good way, to put only the essentials in. You can avoid bringing other unnecessary things. If you think about it too, having a big bag can have its inconveniences. You might exceed airline bag limits, for example, or even just the thought of carrying heavy luggage can be annoying already.

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