5 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty of Doing in Your 30s

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If there is something you should master when you hit your 30s, it should be being comfortable with your own skin. Whether you want to trim down your acquaintances or just starting out to socialize, there are many things you can do to satisfy your own happiness. So, get out there, strive to live a quality life and stop feeling guilty about doing these things that make you happy:

  1. Choosing to stay in

There is nothing wrong with staying in bed, in your pajamas, the entire weekend. If partying is your things before, getting enough sleep and catching up on your favorite series is the trend now. Just make sure to go out every now and then to maintain a healthy social life.

  • Saying no

After so many years of being a ‘yes’ person and begrudgingly agreeing with everyone so you won’t offend them, it is now time to learn to express how you really feel. Choosing where to say yes and learning to turn down the rest is liberating. It simply means you value your time and energy more than pleasing other people. Do not hesitate to be honest and turn down any offer that you think will do you no good.

  • Failing to meet other people’s expectations

During your younger years, finding yourself means observing and basing your values and practices on your social environment. Now that you’ve become a full-grown person, what people expect from you matters much lesser than what makes you happy. The truth is, you just can’t please everybody, so just focus on doing what makes you and your beloved ones happy.

  • Indulging into sinful treats once in a while

Yes, you should eat a balanced diet, but unless you have serious medical condition, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of sinfully good treats, like desserts. Scientific studies have even shown that cheat days can help you in your journey to lose weight, so don’t feel too bad for devouring that big slice of chocolate moist cake or an extra scoop of ice cream after a week of eating healthy.

  • Refusing to settle

Not wanting to settle with anything is not being picky. It is knowing what you’re worth and what you deserve. So, whether it is with your romantic relationship or your career, do not apologize for wanting the best and the right one for you.

The greatest measure of maturity is to look at what you have become as you grow older. And by the time you reach the big 3-0, you should be at the phase of your life where you are most comfortable of who you are as a person.

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