5 Tips to Lessen Your Fear of Travelling Alone

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Solo travelling is the trend these days, and for the good reason: it gives you the chance to explore new places on your own pace and preferences, without the need to adjust anything to accommodate anyone. It also rewards you the satisfying me-time that you have been craving for so long, and the well-deserved break to actually disconnect from everyone.

However, the first time is always the hardest. Many of us, especially those who are going to try solo travelling for the first time, feel a bit iffy of the idea. Instead of wasting your time waiting for the fear to fade away, which will not until you’re there, use your time and energy to come up with a carefully planned vacation.

  1. Research about your destination

Just like travelling in groups, you need to collect as much information as possible about your destination. Research about the traditions, culture and sensibilities prevalent in the region you’re headed to, so when you arrive there, you won’t feel like an alien.

  • Carefully plan your itinerary

Plan your itinerary, but do not overdo it. Determine the things you want to do and the places you want to visit, but also give leeway for unexpected side trips you may meet along the way. After all, it is along unexpected paths that you create the most unforgettable and meaningful memories.

  • Rely on the kindness of others

Despite the security threat of travelling solo, do not lose faith on the kindness of people. There are still more good people than the bad ones. Approach one to ask for directions or to do small favors if you need help on something. Trust your gut feeling. You will know if someone is up to no good or sincerely helpful to you.

  • Bring something familiar

Travelling alone, especially for a long period of time, can make you homesick. To help cope up with the feeling, bring something that reminds you of home—a family picture, a pillow, or you favorite stuffed toy. It is not an embarrassing thing to tag along with you; it will actually help you march bravely towards the unknown of your new destination.

  • Be positive

It is easy to be swayed by fear when you are about to try something new, so make the extra effort to consciously shift your mindset and experience your solo travel with a positive attitude. Trust yourself and have faith that you will be fine. Welcome new experiences and the goodness of other, and the Universe will take care of the rest.

The secret is to research and plan ahead. Always have a back up plan and enjoy as much as you can while also being vigilant at all times.

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