5 Unique and Surprising Cosmetic Uses of Bronzer

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The bronzer is one cosmetic product designed to serve a specific purpose. A lot of beauty brands claim that a bronzer’s use is to wear it on your cheekbones to achieve a beautiful summer glow — but they do not tell you there are other unique ways to make use of this cosmetic product. In fact, the bronzer can be applied on various parts of the face as well as the body.

While the product does not perfectly mimic the same results as compared to applying a set of different products on your face, the bronzer does a fairly good job at it. It all matters on your application. Keep in mind that placement is key, even if you may use the product in more ways than just one.

With that, here are some other unique usage of bronzer as a cosmetic tool.

Eye shadow
While you may have the perfect bronze shade on your eyeshadow palette, using your bronzer can be a good alternative especially if you’re aiming for that bronzy look. You can achieve that smoky eye look with your bronzer by using a thin C-brush. Doing so will also give your overall look a sense of natural cohesiveness without looking too blatantly matching.

Enhances the lips
Before you finalize your look with a setting spray, lightly dust bronzer over your lips to tie your make-up look all together. It is one way to enhance the look of your lips. Not to mention, it emphasizes whatever shade of lipstick you’re wearing for the day. Another tip: add a little highlighter on the Cupid’s bow shortly after applying bronzer to make the lips look fuller.

Enhances the collarbone
A bronzer’s usage spans beyond merely facial application. In fact, you can use it if you want to enhance the look and the appearance of your collarbone. This can be convenient during summer days when you are out in the sun for long stretches of time. Using a fluffy brush to apply your bronzer on your collarbone will give you that believable glow!

In case of make-up related emergencies such as running out of brow powder or forgetting where you’ve last put it, you do not necessarily need to dash to your nearest department store to make a new purchase. Feel free to use your bronzer as a brow powder alternative! Remember to lightly dip your brow brush in water for the product to concentrate before drawing away, though. P.S. This tip only works if your bronzer isn’t shimmery.

Commercial contour kits can be really pricey, especially if they’re from sought-after brands. Regardless, you don’t need to break the bank if you want to achieve a perfect contour. Use a wet brush and dip it into your bronzer to achieve a concentrated formula, before applying it on your face as a contour kit substitute. This is one way to achieve that natural-looking contour minus all the fuss.

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