5 Ways to Beat Oily Skin This Summer

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We all love everything about summer – tank tops, jean shorts and the beach. But if there is something that we dread the most about it, it would be getting an extremely oily skin. Imagine the inconvenience of constantly wiping the sweat off your brows while having to roll with the weather.


Luckily, you can already enjoy the warm weather without getting all greased up. Want to know how? Then keep these tips in mind to keep your oil-slick problem in check all the time.

  1. Opt for Oil-Regulating Cleansers. Using an oil-regulating cleanser is your first line of defence in starting your day shine-free and keeping it that way. Opt for products that contain purifying clay or salicylic acid to clear your pores and get rid of the excess oil.
  1. Exfoliate Weekly. A good way to prevent your skin from greasing up is by performing a gentle scrub to slough off your dead skin cells. Not only will it prevent breakouts from occurring, it will also make your other oil-controlling products more effective.
  1. Perform a Weekly Clay-Based Mask Treatment. Another step to clear your pores is to soak any excess oil by performing a weekly clay-based mask treatment. Performing this treatment will aid in shrinking your pores and in regulating the oil production in your face.


  1. Keep Blotting Paper Prepared at All Times. While it’s an effective way to get rid of the excess oil in your face, using blotting papers is mostly just a quick fix. Not only will this sop up all the extra oil on your face, it’ll also ensure you that your makeup is left intact.
  1. Slather on Some SPF. Sunscreens often get a bad reputation for making you look all greased up. Luckily, some beauty brands already discovered a solution to this by making sunscreens that provide a textured feel. Try one that contains SD alcohol 40 or alcohol denat to get that matte finish that you want.

Maintaining an oil-free skin throughout summertime can be quite difficult to achieve, but with these tips, you can already keep your oil-flick in check most of the time.


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