6 Fun & Easy Ways to Spruce Up your Home with Paint

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Whether it’s a DIY thing or getting some painting services, doing a home painting project is one good way to liven up the look of your house and relatively increase its resale value, while enjoying its fun side – if you’re the DIY decorator type. But simply painting the walls of your home will just plainly add color to it, and not giving it any life at all. So to give some spice to your house painting project, here are six fun DIY painting projects that will definitely turn your house to its bolder and cooler version.


1. Reverse your wall paint

Most homeowners adhere to the strict house painting rule of white ceilings and colored walls. Truth be told, you actually don’t have to stick with that rule all the time. To create a subtle, yet stunning look to your rooms, ask your contractor to paint the primary color that you chose on the ceiling instead of the walls and leave the walls on the neutral side, which is white. This will make your room look refreshing, while staying elegant at the same time.

2. Reinvent old radiators

Old radiators – especially those found in older apartment buildings and homes in local areas in Singapore – eat up a decent amount of wall space. But instead of trashing out these radiators, make use of them as wall decorations. Give the radiators a blended-in look by painting them with the same colors as the walls, or if you want to draw more attention to that particular area, coat them with a color that perfectly contrasts that of the walls’. Keep in mind though, that you might need to get some painting services to have this professionally and nicely done.

3. Add some life to kitchen cabinets

Instead of having your kitchen cabinets replaced, give them a newer and fresher look by simply painting them. Ask your home painting contractor to paint them with colors that either complements or contrasts the wall color of your kitchen. Once it’s done, also remind them to add a coat or two of a clear acrylic to seal in the new color and protect them against scratches.


4. Make your doors exciting

One way to make a room stand out is to make its doors more exciting. Get your house painting contractor to paint the door of your room in a color palette that complements the entire room. It will not just draw the room together but will also add some fun and eye-catching element to the whole room.

5. Paint your interior bricks

Think that interior bricks should never be painted? Then think again. Painted bricks can perfectly pull a room together while adding some interesting texture to it. Just make sure to have it fully coated with a glossy finish by a reputed painting services in singapore company, especially the ones in the bathroom and kitchen area, to ensure that the color fully sinks in, while giving your bricked areas an elegant look.

6. Update your hardwood floors with paint

One good way to bring that relaxed, beach environment feel in your home is to paint your hardwood floors. Going with white wooden plank floors, on the other hand, will give a charming, vintage vibe to your room and are actually a lot easier to maintain, as any scratches or scuffs will automatically blend in with the look of your newly painted floors.

Whether you’re planning to refresh your home or increase its resale before putting it out in the Singapore market, doing these DIY painting techniques actually makes for an easy and fun project for the whole family. But if your painting project is just beyond your scope, then don’t hesitate to find and contact a professional contractor that offers quality painting services to do the job.


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