6 Ways to Soothe a Cranky Baby

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Other than exhaustion and explosive nappies, dealing with crying is one of the biggest challenges when you become a mom. But as frustrating as it is, understanding why your baby do it can definitely take some stress off the situation. And while babies are different, there are still some clever ways that you can do to calm even the crankiest bub.


  1. Hum to Your Baby. Although singing has been known as an ideal way to calm a crying baby, humming actually proves to be a better option. Hold your baby as close to you as possible while you hum and let the vibrating sensation soothe his cranky mood.
  1. Bathe Your Baby. While your baby may not like being under the water directly, the noise and warmth of the shower will surely soothe him. Just make sure that you’re holding him tight and that the water isn’t too hot for him.
  1. Distract Your Baby. If your baby isn’t hungry or tired, and is only crying because he’s irritable or bored, try doing something fun to make him laugh like blowing some raspberries on his neck or playing peekaboo.

Mother and daughter (8-9) playing with baby boy (6-9 months), smiling

  1. Wrap Him Tight. It may sound unlikely but new-borns are actually frightened of their own limbs because they can’t control them, and they often move up and down as he’s trying to go to sleep. Which is why tightly wrapping him up in a blanket is an effective method in calming him up.
  1. Take Him Outside. There’s always something in the change of temperature that often helps in calming your baby’s shouts. So pop him in your pram or carrier and take a walk every morning to expose him to fresh air and to the sun. We guarantee you, he’ll be asleep as you head back to your home.
  1. Stay Calm. High stress levels can be easily passed onto babies, so before you try any trick to calm your baby, calm yourself first. Take deep breaths and leave out all your stress.

Dealing with a crying baby really requires a lot of patience. So before you get overly stressed in soothing your new-born, try the aforementioned tricks first and see how your baby’s mood turn from being cranky to happy.


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