Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Solar Energy

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You might notice that more and more establishments and buildings in Singapore are starting to use solar power as a source of energy. It’s understandable though that a lot of individuals and even companies are still hesitant when it comes to completely using solar energy. Just like in all other things, using solar energy can have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.



Compared to using fossil fuels as an energy source, using solar energy can significantly reduce the negative impact on our environment. Though it’s can’t say that using solar energy does not cause pollution, it still causes much lower damage to the environment compared to the energy sources currently in use.

Renewable and Sustainable

One of the greatest advantages of solar energy is that it is a renewable energy source. Unless the sun suddenly disappears from the solar system, solar energy will obviously not run out. In that fact, it also means that solar energy is a sustainable source. What that basically means is that we won’t have to worry about saving some for the future generations because we literally cannot overconsume solar energy.

Low Maintenance

Once you have a solar panel is up and running, you will enjoy the benefits without really having to worry about maintenance for many years. It doesn’t mean though that it is ok to leave the solar panels unchecked. Generally, you pay a small amount for maintenance just to make sure that the solar panels are kept in good condition throughout the year.


Upfront costs

Though solar panels don’t need much maintenance, the upfront costs are actually pretty high. This is still an ongoing debate though. Some say that the expensive upfront costs won’t mean much if you think about it long-term since you can get money back for excess electricity. Then again if you don’t immediately have cash on hand, you’ll have difficulty making the investment.

Takes up space

One misconception when it comes to solar panels is that you’ll only need to put it on your roof. Many people assume this because it is what’s generally always show in media outlets. But, for systems or structures that have higher energy needs, they will need to have acres of land dedicated to solar power facilities.

Has Natural Limits

Obviously, you won’t exactly get sunlight at night so you can consider solar energy as a source that’s normally limited by nature. When the rainy season comes too and the skies are always cloudy, the solar energy will clearly be not as strong. This is a big reason why people are still having second thoughts about using solar energy as the main source for energy demands.

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