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Why You Need to Be Aware of Botulism

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You have probably heard of the word “botulism” when you tried Botox injections at your dermatologist in Singapore, but did you know that exposure to certain amounts of the toxin can cause serious complications? You might want to think twice about Botox injections after this. Where do you get it? Botulism is an emergency condition […]

The Best Fantasy Trilogies for Beginners

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Most first-time readers of the fantasy genre are intimidated by the length and number of books, but there are short series called trilogies that can serve as good introduction to fantasy, such as The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.   Here are some of the best titles you need to check out. The […]

How to Care for Your Pet Fish

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A lot of people assume that fish are much easier to look after than dogs and cats, but they have unique requirements that you should fulfil as a responsible pet owner to prevent them from dying. They are fragile and can easily get affected by temperature changes and the condition of the water. Freshwater fish […]

A Quick Guide on How to Safely Cut Holes in Plasterboard

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Cutting holes in plasterboard can be both frustrating and time-consuming, but with the right tools and equipment, you will be able to cut different types of holes perfectly every time. Here’s how you can do it properly: For recessed light Circular cuts are very difficult to achieve in drywall or plasterboard, but you can use […]

6 Great Uses for Aluminum Foil at Home

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Aluminum foil isn’t just for keeping food warm. Because it’s impervious to both oxygen and water, you’d be surprised to know that there are so many different uses for what looks like a simple foil wrapper at first glance. To get you started, here are six great uses for aluminum foil at home – and […]

5 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty of Doing in Your 30s

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If there is something you should master when you hit your 30s, it should be being comfortable with your own skin. Whether you want to trim down your acquaintances or just starting out to socialize, there are many things you can do to satisfy your own happiness. So, get out there, strive to live a […]

5 Tips to Lessen Your Fear of Travelling Alone

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Solo travelling is the trend these days, and for the good reason: it gives you the chance to explore new places on your own pace and preferences, without the need to adjust anything to accommodate anyone. It also rewards you the satisfying me-time that you have been craving for so long, and the well-deserved break […]

5 Recommended Packing Tips for Traveling

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So, you finally get to have a vacation and get some time outside Singapore even just for a while. Of course, you’ll surely have to bring some essentials with you. This is where packing becomes quite complicated though. Having to decide what to bring can take up a lot of your time and energy. To […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Solar Energy

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You might notice that more and more establishments and buildings in Singapore are starting to use solar power as a source of energy. It’s understandable though that a lot of individuals and even companies are still hesitant when it comes to completely using solar energy. Just like in all other things, using solar energy can […]