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Wedding Live Bands for Less

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Booking a Singapore wedding live band can be done in two ways. It is either through a reputable band booking agency or through a band member who doubles as the band’s booking agent. The moment you start your online search, you should be aware of these so-called double agents. If you are not careful enough, […]

What Are Cerebrovascular Diseases?

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Heart diseases rival most forms of cancer as a leading group of illnesses that affect most people not just in Singapore but the rest of the world as well. One type of heart disease is called cerebrovascular diseases which affect not just the veins and arteries but the brain as well. “Cerebro” means brain while […]

The 3 Most Important Reasons Why You Need Sleep

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Sleep is one of the most important activities each person should prioritize. It is our foundation to mental energy and physical health. Amidst all its benefits, we tend to not give it that much of an importance. According to some sleep experts from Singapore, the reason for this is that we seldom think we can […]

What is Swimmer’s Ear Infection

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Swimming is one of the best exercises. Many Singaporeans consider swimming. In fact, the first Olympic gold is won by a swimmer – Joseph Schooling. If you are into swimming, for sure you have experienced what they call swimmer’s ear infection or medically called external otitis. Swimmer’s ear infection is a bacterial infection of the […]

What You Need to Know About Period Products

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Periods products can be classified into two according to the kind of protection they provide. External protection includes sanitary pads, cloth pads and period panties. Internal protection includes tampons, menstrual cups and sea sponges. Sanitary Pads Pads are made of absorbent materials and has an adhesive strip at the bottom that you can press on […]

10 Must-Read Novels Set in Asia

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With so many good books about Asia, picking the best ten books seems like a daunting task. This list provides ten of the best novels set in Asia by iconic writers that reflect the colorful culture and traditions of the region. 1. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2005) by Lisa See is set in […]

Signs of Addiction and Where to Get Help

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  Addiction doesn’t just refer to abuse of dangerous drugs. It is a lifestyle you have no control over. You can be addicted to anything from food and beverage to abstract ideas. It’s not a fixation on an object or idea, but a behavioral problem. There are two types of addiction, substance dependence and behavioral […]

How to Address Over-Illumination

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Growing up, you are often reminded to take things moderately because too much of something is bad. This is applicable to lighting as well. Over-illumination is a problem these days. It is part of light pollution that can have an effect on one’s health and the environment. Industrialists believe that light pollution is inevitable which […]

Life Upgrades Every 20-Something Should Do

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  We all love having an upgrade, be it on our airplane seats, gadgets and fast food meals. Yet, these are not the only things that should get one – your life needs an upgrade, too. If you’re already on your 20s, doing the following upgrades will certainly give your current adulthood level a major […]

Strange Defence Mechanisms Your Body Makes

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  Our bodies are made of a complex collection of numerous biological systems and cycles that are often difficult to comprehend, and our body’s defence mechanisms form one of those systems. They keep us safe against things that could potentially pose some harm to us. To help you get a better understanding of these mechanisms, […]