Beauty Tips: 5 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

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We shouldn’t lie about our age but sometimes our wrinkles actually do it for us. Even in young ages, there are just some people who look older than their age because of the wrinkles they flash. Others, no matter how hard they try to defy aging, those lines just keep showing up, ruining their disguise. So what better way to address this than to target the source of the crease: prevent wrinkles.

Here are some tips for us to get away from those lines:

1. Sleep on your back
It actually is beneficial for us if we sleep on our backs, aesthetically speaking. If you don’t have any heart or digestive condition, you might want to give this trick a try. Experts say sleeping on your back helps prevent development of wrinkles that usually come from sleeping on your side or your front. These latter positions get you sleep lines etched into your face which develops as wrinkles.

2. Avoid squinting
When outdoors, you might want to consider using sunglasses so that you don’t squint your eyes with the effort of regulating the amount of sunlight your eyes accommodate. If you have bad vision, make sure to keep those glasses or contact lens within reach because all those squinting while reading or making out your environment can actually cause you crow’s feet. Any repetitive action for our muscles can cause those lines to develop into deeper fissures which can later become wrinkles.

3. Eat healthy
Your wrinkles are basically part of your skin. Logically speaking, if you treat your skin from the inside, those wrinkles might just finally bid goodbye. Keep your diet healthy as the nutrients naturally obtained from the food we eat exude from within. If we eat good food, skin glows just as well. Also, make sure to be always hydrated as our skin thrives on moisture readily available from water consumption. And skip those alcohol-infused habits as it can rob our skin of the moisture it craves for.

4. Moisturize
Having emphasized our skin’s need for moisture, it is also a must to actually help it achieve its healthy level. Start choosing which moisturizers work for you and they’ll help keep your skin plumper, more supple and soft to touch.

5. Use sunscreen
Even on cloudy days, experts warn us that the sun’s rays could still reach our skin with a chance of 80%. So if the chance is this high, you might want to reconsider applying sunscreen on your face on a daily basis. We are well aware that UV exposure causes our skin to age, thus proliferating the growth of wrinkles. So it’s not yet too late for that sunscreen shopping errand, and keep your skin as protected from the sun as possible.

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