Benefits of Learning the Bass Guitar

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There are music schools around Singapore that offer bass guitar lessons. But the instrument still doesn’t get the amount of recognition it deserves. The bass plays a huge role in bands and music in general. So, here are some benefits of playing the bass guitar that might convince you to pick it up.

  1. Easy to get started

In most musical genres like pop, rock, and jazz, from all the instruments the bass guitar is probably the easiest to learn. If you compare it to others, learning the guitar requires you to memorize a lot of long chords, while the drums and keyboard usually require good eye-hand and mind-body coordination.

  • Sets the rhythm and harmony

A bass, just like the drums, determines the rhythm of the song to keep it going. This is why a bassist may work closer to a drummer than a guitarist. Consequently, the job of the bass player is to provide and prioritize the rhythmic foundation and allow life and drive to the music. As the rhythmic foundation, the bass backs the group while providing a ‘feeling’ or ‘pulse’.

Aside from supplying the rhythm, the bass also strengthens the harmony between the instruments. Several notes being played at the same time will be grounded by the apparent low pitch of the bass, making them all sound coherent.

  • Enhances concentration

Just like with all other instruments, playing the bass requires and enhances both our coordination and focus. You have to concentrate on multiple aspects and situations when playing an instrument – pitch, rhythm, timing, pauses, the instrument’s condition, etc. And paying attention to all this comes while playing well comes with practice.

  • You become a better musician overall

The bass playing a huge part in the rhythm and harmony of music is already a big enough reason for you to pick it up. If you’re already a guitar player, learning the bass will help you catch the rhythm and choose the right timing for riffs. If you’re a drummer, you’ll get extra practice for establishing and creating rhythm.

  • Bass players are rare

The bass guitar is one of the most underrated and is the least common instrument that a person would choose to play in a band. This is simply because everyone wants to play the guitar, which they think attracts more attention than anything else. This is why sometimes, when people try to put a band together, coming across a bass player will prove to be a difficult time. If you’re a bass player, it will be quite easy for you to join bands and land more gigs.

  • Social Interactions

As mentioned earlier, bass players are in demand! Then, you get to meet more and more people who might invite you to have gigs with them. You could also interact, share, teach, and gain knowledge with other bassists that you meet. Working and playing with others allow you to form bonds and build stronger relationships with these people.

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