Benefits of Starting the Day Early

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There are Singaporeans who start their days in the wee hours while there are others who prefer to start their day late. If you start your day late and end it late, you cannot make a lot of things. You have to know that there are benefits of starting your day early.


Living here in Singapore is not easy but you can survive if you do your job, sleep early and start early the next day. For sure you heard about Benjamin Franklin’s motto. It goes something like this “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Remember that one of the habits of the wealthy and successful people is sleeping early and waking early.

Here are some benefits of starting your day early:

  • Early AM is best time for workout: It is important that you exercise at least thrice a week. It is better if you can do it every day. Thirty minutes to one hour exercise can do so much. Exercising is conducive in the early AM. Exercise can clear your mind by stimulating endorphins.
  • Enough time to have breakfast: An early riser has time for breakfast. If you wake up late, you tend to rush and forget the most important thing for the day. You need to eat breakfast so your body can sustain the whole day of work and other extra-curricular activities.


  • Early mornings are less noisy: When you do something, you have to make sure that it is not that noisy. In the morning, you will be assured that it is less noisy. You can escape the hustle of yelling people and the bustle of the streets. Mornings are the most peaceful time of the day.
  • Less distraction in early AM: Since it is not that noisy, there is less distraction. If you need to do something very important, early morning is the best time. When you go to work, there’ll be lesser traffic.
  • More willpower in early AM: You may notice that when you wake up late, your energy is lesser. In fact, when you wake up late, you will feel even more tired. When you do things in the morning, you have more willpower. Your willpower will serve as your muscle.
  • Mornings can set the mood of your day: If you do not want to dampen your mood or your spirit, you have to wake early. If you wake up late and you missed something, your day will not start good.


If you understand the power of doing things early, you will be wealthy and successful in no time. You can do many things if you start early and that is what’s important. Good luck!

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