BMW’s Newest Headlights

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Cars are not complete without dashboard as well as headlights. We all know that headlights are essential in a car because it is the difference between life and death. This is the reason why it is a no-no here in Singapore when we have busted headlights. With that, it is crucial to check the headlights before and after using the car. If there are any damages to our headlights, it is time that we consider a new one. We can consider a cheap headlight or an expensive one. Either way, the important thing is having a functional one.


Speaking of headlights, we should know that BMW created an advanced headlight system that will make the darkness seem disappear. In fact, designers of BMW are claiming that the new headlights can slice through the darkness like a katana piercing through a paper towel. It is that thorough and sharp. The new headlight is called Laserlight. Here are some things that you need to know about the newest laserlight:

  • The technology: When we hear about laserlight, we picture out shooting of actual lasers. In the case of this headlights, it has blue lasers. These lasers are imbedded in every lamp that strikes a phosphor plate. For the information of everybody, phosphor is capable to emit light when it is encouraged. The yellow phosphor when agitated by blue laser produces brilliant white light which will eventually illuminate the road. The truth is, the light being emitted creates up to 1,000 times brighter than our ordinary LED lights. The energy is not a problem because it only consumes 2/3 of the LED’s power.


  • Other specifics: The energy is already pretty impressive. The laserlight also boasts of light’s colour temperature which is between 5500 and 6000 Kelvin. Note that the natural daylight is only about 6500 Kelvin. The headlights offer 70 km/h and it is automated to switch on high beam if it detects no cars with the help of BMW’s sensors.

These lights are available here in Singapore. The cool headlamp is available on i8 eco coupe model. Now we can say goodbye to the rectangular and round beams. We can also bid adieu to halogens, HIDs and LEDs. The gorgeous car that comes with the best headlight costs roughly about $135,925.

BMW is interested in unspoiled retinas. The company is also fascinated in illumination of larger areas. This will greatly help the industry especially that there are many headlight-related accidents in the city



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