Bodybuilding – A Famous Sport in Singapore

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There are a lot of people who go and try body building. For some, they do it so that girls admire them while for some; they do it just to fear anybody that gets in the way. However, many people do not really know the real meaning of body building. Bodybuilding is not just doing the barbell lifting to build muscle/s; it is a process and has a routine to be followed to maintain the body’s physical condition.


There are a lot of popular sports in Singapore which includes tennis, basketball, sailing, swimming, bodybuilding as well. Aside that bodybuilding is a sport which talks about physical strength; it is also well-liked sport in Singapore. Although in other nations bodybuilding is not known, Singapore is one of the several countries that organize competition for this sport.

Bodybuilding is an activity wherein an individual develops his muscular structure. This sport is done through posing their structured body and will be judged according to the muscles conditioning, symmetry and firmness of muscles. Even if the competition is for amateurs or for professionals, the same criteria will be used.


For bodybuilders’ muscles to be more different and distinctive, they use oils, tanning creams and etc. Because bodybuilding is one of the famous sports in Singapore, many skilled and talented Singaporeans won several awards and citations which include the Commonwealth Bodybuilding Championships, Asian Women’s Bodybuilding Championships which is held in China, NPC Tournament of Champions and the Asian Games which is held in Busan, South Korea.



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