Butler Sky Driving Coming Your Way

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There are so many things that could possibly happen in a vacation. There is happiness, fear and excitement. Most of the time, you can encounter fears that you may or may not overcome such as fear of heights, fear of animals, fear of eating unusual foods and many more.


Dinner at the Largest Observation Wheel in the World: In Singapore, you can encounter these. It will be very exciting because you will see different things and explore the things that you haven’t encounter before. There are also many exciting yet fearful events in the city.

Find the Butler Sky Driving and go at the 42nd floor: From there, you can experience the delight and height of this dinner house as it houses the world largest observation wheel. The main attraction here is the capsules wherein you are going to stand and see the beautiful and elegant views of the metro and the harbor.


Food, their main dish and soup are the best sellers: You just have to wait several minutes in order for your food to be served. It is worth the wait because of their appetizing and jaw-dropping dishes that you have never tasted before.

Although you will delighted with their astounding dishes, you will be more surprised with the views outside the building. At night, you can see the tall buildings light and the cars rushing in the highway. In addition, it is brighter when you glance at the view here. Generally, the view is very beautiful.


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