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How to Choose Makeup for Acne-Prone Skin

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The dilemma of having acne-prone skin is that you’d ideally want to cover your blemishes with cosmetics, but the products can potentially cause more breakouts. As much as possible, you’d want to avoid a trial-and-error process when selecting the best makeup, but this is unavoidable, because even the products that are labeled “for acne-prone skin” […]

Tips to clean makeup brushes

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It’s no secret what magic makeup can do – both for a girl’s outward appearance as well as her esteem. We brush, we contour, we blend almost on a daily basis. And that’s not including special occasions when we actually go out and slay the world full-faced. What’s challenging is how to keep our tools […]

Beauty Tips: 5 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

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We shouldn’t lie about our age but sometimes our wrinkles actually do it for us. Even in young ages, there are just some people who look older than their age because of the wrinkles they flash. Others, no matter how hard they try to defy aging, those lines just keep showing up, ruining their disguise. […]

Makeup Rules to Avoid Looking Old

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Ill-fitting clothes and tacky accessories can make you look unfashionably old, but so is the way you apply makeup. Here are the things to avoid when applying makeup so that you don’t get mistaken for an old lady. Apply Makeup after Moisturizing. Applying makeup on dry skin can make your skin look older and flaky […]

5 Unique and Surprising Cosmetic Uses of Bronzer

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The bronzer is one cosmetic product designed to serve a specific purpose. A lot of beauty brands claim that a bronzer’s use is to wear it on your cheekbones to achieve a beautiful summer glow — but they do not tell you there are other unique ways to make use of this cosmetic product. In […]

Skincare Ingredients That Are Causing Acne Breakouts

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Most of us definitely want to believe that the products marketed for our acne-prone skin is capable of fulfilling its promise of not causing more acne on our skin. However, we’ve already had lots of bad experiences to know that not all product labels are created the same. There are some ingredients that tend to […]

5 Ways to Beat Oily Skin This Summer

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We all love everything about summer – tank tops, jean shorts and the beach. But if there is something that we dread the most about it, it would be getting an extremely oily skin. Imagine the inconvenience of constantly wiping the sweat off your brows while having to roll with the weather. Luckily, you can […]

The 5 Golden Rules of Daytime Makeup  

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Daytime makeup always calls for that au naturel look. While looking natural sounds easy, it is actually where the problem lies. First, looking natural by applying very minimal makeup may not be enough to hide imperfections, making them look obvious in broad daylight. Second, you need the perfect amount of colour or else you’ll look […]

Make-Up for the Rainy Season

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Now that summer is ending, we ladies have to make some adjustments in our makeup. Once it pours, our umbrellas can only do so much, so we have to take some precautionary applications so that we can maintain our good looks even if the rain unexpectedly catches us out.  1.       Use oil-based foundations In ideal […]