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What to Expect During a Breast Screening?

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As the leading type of cancer among women in Singapore, breast cancer should be a subject every woman in reproductive and menopause age should talk about. In most cases, early diagnosis is only possible through routine screening because cancer is usually asymptomatic at the earliest stage. If you are going to your breast screening for […]

Signs That Show You’re Not Eating Enough Vegetables

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Though there are a lot of dishes in Singapore that contain vegetables, there are actually many people who don’t eat enough. Not consuming enough vegetables will actually manifest through your body more noticeably. Here are some signs you need to watch out for. You have difficulty handling stress Even though stress is a part of […]

Reducing Digital Eye Strain

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Most jobs nowadays cannot function without computers, but with the prolonged use of electronic gadgets, digital eye strain has become more common in the past few years. The condition causes fatigue, eye redness or irritation, eye twitching, headache, neck or shoulder pain, reduced attention span, irritability, and reduced productivity. What can you do to reduce […]

Why You Need to Be Aware of Botulism

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You have probably heard of the word “botulism” when you tried Botox injections at your dermatologist in Singapore, but did you know that exposure to certain amounts of the toxin can cause serious complications? You might want to think twice about Botox injections after this. Where do you get it? Botulism is an emergency condition […]

Why Calorie-Counting is Counter-Productive

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It’s widely popular to count your calories for weight loss, and if you’re serious about losing weight and getting fit, you may have heard about calorie-counting or even tried it yourself. But while there is value in knowing what and how much you’re eating, there’s really no point in counting every single calorie. In fact, […]

5 Food and Drinks That are Surprisingly Good for the Body

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As much as we all would love to eat healthy every day, it proves to be a struggle especially when we are surrounded with delicious temptations. The thought of eating broccoli isn’t on par with the thought of eating bacon when we’re starved, nor does a light salad with a thick meaty burger. Regardless, healthy […]

What You Need to Know About the Alkaline Water Trend

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Alkaline water has taken over the trending pages on the internet lately. What’s more surprising is that even famous celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon as well, influencing more people to consume the drink and even buy their own alkaline water ionizer for home use. It’s no surprise to know the reason behind all that […]

The 3 Most Important Reasons Why You Need Sleep

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Sleep is one of the most important activities each person should prioritize. It is our foundation to mental energy and physical health. Amidst all its benefits, we tend to not give it that much of an importance. According to some sleep experts from Singapore, the reason for this is that we seldom think we can […]

What is Swimmer’s Ear Infection

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Swimming is one of the best exercises. Many Singaporeans consider swimming. In fact, the first Olympic gold is won by a swimmer – Joseph Schooling. If you are into swimming, for sure you have experienced what they call swimmer’s ear infection or medically called external otitis. Swimmer’s ear infection is a bacterial infection of the […]

What You Need to Know About Period Products

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Periods products can be classified into two according to the kind of protection they provide. External protection includes sanitary pads, cloth pads and period panties. Internal protection includes tampons, menstrual cups and sea sponges. Sanitary Pads Pads are made of absorbent materials and has an adhesive strip at the bottom that you can press on […]