Clear Writing for Better Understanding

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In writing, there is no definite formula or magic potion to take for it to be perfect. Also, it can never be simply learned by reading a book or learned through the help of other people. In reality, you will only need to read more about anything, listen to everything and most importantly practice. Executing what you have learned will help you understand what is the real meaning of the words and sentences that you will be writing.


In the field of media, the rule is that you will be writing to let the people know that ideas or thoughts that you might share. On the other hand, you will be writing so that people would be educated, informed, influenced and entertained.


Now, if you that being a writer is only a simple task, think again. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to write rather that speak. When we are chatting to someone, the fastest way to understand by your listener is through actions. In writing, you can’t do that. That is why TV is the most convenient form of acquiring information.

Moreover, in talking about a person in person, you can ask or the one that you will be talking to can also ask question which in writing is really hard. However, you can still do it but it is a very difficult one. It would sometimes end up with fancy words that only people who are living in the enchanted world can understand.


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