Collecting Art on a Budget

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Perhaps, you have free walls at home and wonder how to utilize it. You can decorate it with printed wallpaper or hang posters of your choice, but another popular and more interesting approach is to display original oil painting.


Many people in Singapore do not consider this option much because they feel like art is too expensive for a home furniture. They often believe that art is always about da Vinci, Donatello, Picasso, and van Gogh. What most people are clueless about is that affordable art do exist and most of these works have equally vibrant and meaningful creations. All it needs is a good eye for judgment and a reasonable budget to start a small painting collection for your home. Here are some helpful tips to get you started with your new venture.

Proper Knowledge

To know what artworks to buy, it helps a lot to learn more about art. That way, you can start training your eyes in spotting good artworks and help develop techniques in choosing quality paintings. You can also check out art magazines and art history books, and do some research through the Internet about contemporary art and artists.

Value and Quality

The best strategy for buying good quality abstract art pieces in affordable prices is to avoid replicas, and buy works from “emerging” local artists instead. With thousands of artists trying to exhibit and make profit out of their works, prices are often unregulated and highly flexible even for the best pieces, so it’s not impossible for you to find a good one in the most favorable price tag. If the oil painting you bought increased its value over time, that’s great; but if not, then let it be. After all, that wasn’t your intention why you bought it in the first place.


Local Galleries

Singapore may be a small city, but is one of the ideal places in the world to find art galleries that features diversified artworks from various artists all around the globe. You can get affordable art at vinci gallery in Singapore as well, it is one of the good places to consider. Museums, galleries, and art fairs are almost everywhere, offering wide range of oil painting selections from aspiring artists to world-famous painters. Attend art gallery openings in your locality and view the pieces they feature. Most local art fairs display and sell works from locals, which are much more affordable than those displayed in national museums.

Artists Direct

If there are no decent galleries nearby, make use of your Internet to check out art gallery websites or buy directly from an artist. Many artists prefer not to get places with museums and galleries, and instead exhibit and sell their works on their own with the use of online marketplaces. This has the advantage of skipping the dealership, which can lead to a lower product cost. However, viewing the oil painting in person can be a problem, so make sure to find out the artist’s return policy before finalizing your purchase.
Collecting art pieces on a budget has a lot more to consider, but the things mentioned above should be more than enough to cover the essentials of purchasing affordable art.


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