Easy Steps to Bake a Cake  

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It is Christmas and it is high time to plan the meals for that special day with the family. Many courses are available and easy to prepare but the real challenge is finding the right dessert. If in this case you choose to bake a cake, you are in for more treats.


Cakes come in many colors and flavor. Baking is for everyone – even non-professionals can be quite successful because of its easy steps. The items and materials for baking are readily available here in Singapore so there is no problem securing it.

Baking a cake is fun. Here are easy steps to bake a cake:

  1. Choose a recipe: As mentioned earlier, cakes come in different colors and flavors. Now you can customize your cake and craft it according to your own taste. The basic step here is to choose the recipe. If this is your first time, it is better to choose an easy one say classic vanilla cake.
  2. Pick the right pans: You do not just use any pans. There are specific pans that you have to consider when baking say single-wall non-stick pans. For cakes with delicate crusts, shiny pans are advisable. Look for the right size and shapes too. Usually, 8-inch pans will require longer baking time.
  3. Permit ingredients to reach room temperature: Ingredients like butter and eggs should be placed in room temperature for a specified time. This action will allow the butter to mix more easily with other ingredients and as for the egg, room temperature can add more volume to the cake.
  4. Prepare the pans: Now that you have the pans, the next thing that you do is to grease and flour the pans. To evenly spread the butter of shortening, you need a paper towel or simply a pastry brush.
  5. Preheat the oven: Preheating the oven and reaching the right temperature are crucial to achieve the right texture of the cake. If the cake bakes fast, it can cause cracks and tunnels and if it is baked slowly, it will be coarse.18f8lb146rgc7jpg
  6. Mix the dry ingredients: From your recipe, you have to mix and stir the dry ingredients. Dry ingredients typically include baking powder, flour, salt, cocoa powder and some spices.
  7. Mix butter with sugar: To achieve the right texture, the secret is to perfectly blend the butter and sugar using an electric mixer on high or medium speed.
  8. Add eggs: The eggs should be mixed with butter and sugar as well. You have to remember to beat the egg well and add one at a time.
  9. Add liquid and flour mixture: Add some milk and flour mixture alternately to the butter-sugar-egg mixture on a low speed.
  10. Pour into prepared pans: After the beating and mixing, you are ready to bake it but first you need to pour the mixture to prepared pans. The baking time will depend and check for the consistency after advised baking time.


Voila! You have a cake this Christmas.     

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