Event Planning: Do’s and Don’ts

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Event planning is stressful because we have to make sure the event is flawlessly successful. If it is not flawless, at least minimize the errors-unnoticeable. Many prefer the challenge and choose event planning as a profession.

Hosts are usually too busy to plan an event so they hire event planners and rely on the planner’s insight. If the event planner exceeds to the host’s expectations, for sure there are more to come. To catch the attention of the host and other people, event planners should remember three periods:


Before the event

There are a lot of things to prepare. Sit with other team members and delegate tasks. If you are working alone, write a list of the things you should do. The first thing on your list should be the budget. Talk with your host and determine how much they are willing to pay for that specific event. After that, you should prepare a detailed schedule of activities. If the host agrees to it, it is time to go further.

It is important to set the date, time and venue before sending out invitations. Ask your host who they like to invite. It is crucial to get confirmation beforehand so that you can estimate the number of heads. We should begin gathering the things needed for the event like cloths, pictures, projectors, chairs, tables, microphone, speakers and stage. You should visit the site so you can visualize the arrangement and if the host agrees to it.

Don’t forget the food of course!

During the event

Arrive early so that you can get the chance to set-up and test everything especially electronic devices like laptops, projectors, speakers and microphones. See if everything is in its proper place. You should hint food servers for the right time and tell them when to tidy things up.

After the event

Before leaving the venue, make sure to secure all valuables. Borrowed or rented materials should be returned.

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