Famous Sports in Singapore

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Any sport – whether it is indoor or outdoor – is literally exciting and amusing. In Singapore, there are a lot of sports that you can have fun or interest such as football, badminton, basketball, swimming, skiing and more.


Types of Sport in the Country

  1. Adventure Sports: This includes wake boarding, skiing, rock and mountain climbing as well as sky diving. These sports are not only for those who wants to experience thrill but also for people who wants to experience fun.
  2. Popular Sports: These are the games that are commonly found in the country such as football, basketball, badminton, cycling, swimming and rugby.
  3. Water Sports: These sports can be your leisure or your dedicated sport. This includes windsurfing, sailing and swimming.
  4. Outdoor Sports: As usual, these sports are played outdoors or outside.
  5. Indoor Sports: This includes badminton, basketball football, table tennis and more. However, the mentioned sports can be also played outdoors.


Top Sports in Singapore

  1. Football: Singapore Football Team bags the award in the AFF Suzuki Cup (previously Tiger Cup) in 2012 beating Thailand in a 3-2 two-leg match. As of now, Singapore is placed number 143 in the world rankings based in FIFA’s latest rankings.
  2. Basketball: This is a well-known sport not just in Singapore but also around the world. Based in world rankings or as per FIBA’s latest record, Singapore ranked number 83.
  3. Swimming: Because of its lovely seas, there is no doubt that Singapore is famous place for swimming. By this, many Singaporeans bagged awards from different tournaments in swimming like Asian Games, US Swimming Championships, Summer Olympics and Southeast Asian Games. However, there are many competitions that Singaporeans showcased their swimming skills.



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