Feeding the Mind, Not just the Belly.

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Without prejudice, we have to admit that our society has started to degrade as information is offered to us on a daily basis. Well, not just any type of information, sometimes what we learn everyday is actually garbage or not actually important at all. Our minds are programmed to process information as we go on but what happens is that we don’t feed our mind with the right kind of information for us to process which results to us knowing a lot of things that aren’t even useful for us.

Sadly, this has become a norm. Some adults right now would rather watch useless shows on television rather than actually reading a book which is fulled of knowledge which helps us improve. Now, the biggest debate going around is if the internet has made us better or worse? Well, the internet is undeniably an amazing platform for information as it seems that you’d be able to get any piece of information you desire with just a quick search.

Nowadays, the internet has become more sought after for the sake of social media rather than research and learning. Although social media is important for most of us, we shouldn’t dedicate a majority of our time on displaying our substance rather than actually feeding ourselves with the necessary substances for us to grow. Nowadays, people feel like they have a lot to say without actually knowing enough. This has sadly become a norm as opinion slowly starts to turn away from actual facts and evidence.

People reap what they sow and if you do not invest in learning, your outputs would end up with a deficient amount of intellectual input. Looking at the brighter side of the internet, there are still some individuals who actually utilize the internet to their full advantage. The internet can be a double edged sword but if used properly, the rate of improvement may be phenomenal.

Now, going back to knowledge, what comes to people’s mind when they hear the word “knowledge” is a good book. Luckily for us, we have the internet. Most books are already available to purchase online and with the right direction, you’ll be able to collect all the essential books for your growth.

There aren’t a much people left who give the right amount of time and effort invested in knowledge but what people don’t realize is that we learn on a daily basis, it is our choice what we learn about. Some people focus on learning more about gossip or unimportant things and this is definitely not supportive of growth. For you to be able to grow, you’d have to put importance on things that are necessary for you to grow.

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