Fish Feet Feeders at Work

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Who needs to relax? Here in Singapore, there is a unique spa center that will definitely make you relaxed. In a typical relaxation center, the services they offer are only the different types of massage. Indeed, it is very relaxing when you are massaged. You will feel that all your stress you obtain from working is released. Every part of your body, when massaged, will feel relaxed.


The part that is prone to weariness is your Now, there is this spa center in Singapore wherein you can have a pedicure and at the same time massage. What’s surprising is that fishes will massage your feet. Yes, it’s the fish that will massage you. At Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa, you can experience the relaxation that you want. It is located at the grounds of Singapore flyer establishment. If you are looking for a serene environment, Kenko spa is perfect for you.


The fishes they use are called the “doctor fish.” Because of its healing and relaxing ability, there is no areas n that you can’t call it a physician. These doctor fishes are called reddish log suckers in the marine environment. All you have to do is plunge your feet in the tank and let dozens of doctor fish heal your feet. There’s nothing to worry because the place is very calm and has staffs that are very accommodating.

The primary function of these fishes is to suck the dead cells and scrub the dirt that is all over your feet. Plus, it will make your legs and feet sparkly and smoother. Thus, if you want to make your feet look younger and healthier, a 30-minute session at Kenko Reflexology and Spa will do.


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