Food Lover’s Haven

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You don’t need to prolong your agony especially if you hungry. You should go out and seek a place to eat. This is not a problem because here in Singapore, there are myriad stalls, food centres and restaurants. Just take your pick. You can begin with the following places:

Din Tai Fung

If you are in for light soups and juicy pork dishes, you should head to Din Tai Fung. This restaurant is nestled in Paragon Shopping Centre. The restaurant serves Shanghai cuisines like soups, pork dishes and dumplings. Meals here start at S$10 to S$30 per person. The restaurant is open every Monday-Friday (11AM to 10PM) and Saturday-Sunday (10AM to 10PM).


If you want to try Italian dishes, it is time to consider DOMSV. This restaurant is nestled in Sheraton Towers. The ambiance is calming and reassuring. They offer generous menus to delight you and your company. You should try their yellow fin, seafood soup, roasted lamb, desserts and wine. Meals here start at S$150 to S$300. The restaurant is open every day from 12noon to 2:30PM (breakfast) and 7PM to 10:30PM (dinner).

Lagoon Food Village

If you are craving for barbeque seafood and satay, East Coast Lagoon Food Village is the perfect place. Families gather here to enjoy foods and take part in many beach related activities. The prices here are from S$10 to S$30. It is cheap with a great ambiance. The village is open every day from 8AM to 9PM.

Wide selections of dishes are available in different restaurants and stalls. You can choose to have Indian, Peranakan, Chinese and Malay dishes if you want. If you are craving for international cuisines, there are French, Greek, American, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. that you can go to. Truly Singapore is a food lover’s haven.

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