Helping Your Child from Succumbing to Video Games  

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Your child justifies his needing laptops, handheld devices and game consoles. You indulge him without thinking of how it can wreak havoc to his life. Here in Singapore, it is easy to purchase laptops, handheld devices and game consoles. These devices are common personal items for children these days.


One day you were informed by the teacher or someone you know that your child succumbed to video gaming and he is closed to addiction. What should you do? Video gaming destroyed many lives not just children’s. If you are not certain how to proceed with this predicament, you should consider the following tips to curb your child’s succumbing to video gaming:

  • Do not allow computer inside the bedroom: If he has computer in his bedroom, it is time to rethink its position. The computer should be outside and within the public space so you can see what he is up to. The monitor should be in a place where you can see it so he will be conscious you are watching.


  • Foster social life: If your child lingers inside the house playing games alone, you should discourage him. Instead, you can foster his social life. You have to know that video games are your child’s escape for not relating to others. If he realizes that there are more pleasurable things outside his zone, he will not think about gaming.
  • Other rewards: There are parents who allow gaming as a reward system. It should be avoided because once he is used to it, he will find it more addictive.
  • Ask for help: If despite your efforts things are not well, it is time that you implore the help of other people.



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