Home of the Best Airport in the World

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Of all the airports around the world, Changi Airport in Singapore is the one that is chosen as the world’s best airport. Why it is that it is selected as the greatest airport where in fact there are airports in America and Europe that has the best airport service?


So, why it is chosen as the best? Here are some reasons:

  • Free Airplane Watching – Many people wants to see the airplanes not only in the sky but also when it lands on the ground. Although almost all airports give chance to people who wants to see the airplanes in a near distance, here in Singapore, it’s not the same with other airports because there is a wide place wherein all people can view the large airplanes in this international airport.


  • Free Visit at their Astonishing Gardens – If you are a tourist here, you will not need to go outside the airport just to know what Singapore is because at Changi airport, there are 5 gardens that you can visit. These are the Butterfly Garden, Orchid Garden, Cactus Garden, Sunflower Garden and Fern Garden.
  • Free Gadget Charging- Whether it is your cellphone or camera that has low battery status, you can make use of the charging stations at Changing airport. Just ask an airport official to guide you where the charging stations are located.
  • Free TV watching – If you are bored watching movie, you can watch TV in an area at the airport wherein there is an open couch for all passengers.



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