How High-Speed Rail Can Influence Singapore’s Future  

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The two nations have joined hands to create a project that will surely change the future of each other. We all know that Singapore and Malaysia ventured in making a high-speed rail network that will certainly link the two nations. The initial announcement said that the project will be completed by 2020 but it will take longer.


Regardless, the high-speed rail network will change the region’s travelling. With this, we might forget about air travel when this project is materialized. Transport has influences in the future of the nation. The ease of movement can definitely affect our future. Here are possible influences of the high-speed rail network:

  • Transforming Jurong East: The high-speed rail terminal will be at the Jurong East. This will transform Jurong East from a small borough of the Jurong Lake District to a commercial hub. Jurong East is as big as the Marina Bay and if it is developed, it could be the next Marina Bay.
  • Faster Commute: There is no doubt that the high-speed rail network will cut long hours of journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. At present, traveling from Kuala Lumpur to here (which is about 300 kilometres) takes about five hours of journey. With the help of the high-speed rail network, the traveling time will be decreased to ninety minutes (this is about an hour and thirty minutes). The rail offers non-stop services to regional and major centres.


  • Food: The increased connectivity of two nations will surely make Malay foods more popular here. When Malaysians visit here, they will surely look for Halal restaurants .This will pave way to the increase of Halal restaurants in the region.
  • Stimulating the Economy: The new high-speed rail will definitely kindle Malaysia’s economy and ours too. There are no clear figures yet as to how much the rail can stimulate the economy of both nations but for sure the odds are good. The high-speed rail can generate more jobs and this will make everyone happy.

We will have to wait and see. The high-speed rail can influence positively or negatively. If it is executed well, many opportunities will come to both nations. Mutual interests will surely be catered. However, if this project is not executed properly, things might go south and it will mean greater losses.

We just have to trust in the project and believe in its goodness. To date, many people are excited and enthusiastic about this project. It will surely be a success.


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