How to Address Over-Illumination

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Growing up, you are often reminded to take things moderately because too much of something is bad. This is applicable to lighting as well. Over-illumination is a problem these days. It is part of light pollution that can have an effect on one’s health and the environment. Industrialists believe that light pollution is inevitable which is why it is part of modernization and development.

Over-illumination is actually a type of light pollution. It is the use of excessive lighting for a specific activity. It is undeniable that over-illumination happens here in Singapore from advertisers to retail shops. It is part of marketing but you have to be aware of its ill effects on your health. Over-illumination, especially at inappropriate times can disrupt bodily functions starting with your circadian rhythms to the production of melatonin. These imbalances can lead to headaches, hypertension, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety.

As for environmental concerns, over-illumination consumes higher electricity which is not good for the environment not to mention higher electricity costs which is not economical. Knowing this, you have to contribute to lessen its effect on the environment and economics. Here are simple solutions to address over-illumination:

Pick the right design: When you are still building your house, it is important that you have large windows because it can help with the lighting. Natural light should be a priority instead of installing tons of lighting fixtures. Make sure that the architect or builder knows you want abundance of natural lights.

Turning off lights: Make it a habit to turn off the light every time you exit the room whether you are in your workplace or in your home. During the day, utilize natural light. If you are in your workplace, turn off the lights when no one is in the room. If you are taught that turning lights off and on all the time will degrade it, basic rule of thumb is to leave it on for at least fifteen minutes and if after there is no one entering the room, turn it off.

Choose the right lighting: One thing that you can do is to choose the right lighting fixture. You can ask for the help of professionals if you do not know which to consider. The basic thing that you have to do is to avoid fluorescent lighting and consider low-wattage light bulbs. At night, do not overdo or over-illuminate. You can instead use dim light sources – these will give you light along hallways and dark rooms without over-lighting it.

These are just some of the things that you can do as an individual. If you are a company owner, you can do more things and be sure to implement it consistently.

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