How to Choose the Right Fragrance

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Fragrance is part of style even if you can’t see or touch it and it will even make you memorable to some people. If you can have a signature look, then you can also have a signature scent, but how do you pick the right fragrance?

Fragrance Types
All fragrances are made from the following three basic ingredients; perfume/essential oils, water, and alcohol. The concentration of each ingredient will result in different types of fragrances, such as; perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne (or cologne), and eau fraiche. Perfume is the most concentrated and is also the most expensive type.

Fragrance Life Cycle
All the fragrances go through a life cycle when applied on the skin. The life cycle refers to the evaporation of the perfume that produces the different scents after the fragrance interacts with the body. There are three steps, called notes, in the fragrance life cycle, namely; top note, medium note, and base note. The top note is composed mostly of aromatics and citrus fruits that you will smell right after you apply the fragrance. The medium note can be fruity, green, spices or floral and is the main element of the scent. The base note is the foundation of the fragrance and is the basis of how long the fragrance will last. The base note can be balsamic or wooded.

Designer or Niche Fragrances
Designer fragrances are commonly sold in stores and bear well-known labels. While they are expensive, most of these fragrances are mass-produced and are made from common and affordable ingredients. Niche fragrances on the other hand, are made from expensive ingredients and are manufactured for selected customers. These pricey fragrances are for those who want to try different scents not found in designer fragrances.

Tips for Choosing the Best Fragrance
There is no one method to determine which is the best fragrance for you, because you must be the one to decide based on your personal preferences. You can narrow down the selection, however, through the following steps:

• Try the fragrance by spraying one scent on each wrist or inner elbow
• Read the labels, but avoid the scented cards when sampling fragrances
• If you’re planning to search the whole day, refresh your palate every few hours by drinking tea or coffee
• The scent can change after a few hours, so smell the different tones on your wrist or inner elbow
• If you like a fragrance, purchase a smaller bottle and try it for a few days

To make the fragrance last long, follow these tips:
• Spray lightly on dry, clean skin preferably after you bathe
• Hold the bottle 3 to 6 inches away from your skin when spraying
• Apply on 2 to 3 areas that produce a lot of body heat such as the wrist, neck, chest, forearm, inner elbow, shoulder, and neck
• Avoid spraying the fragrance on your clothes
• There is no need to spray the fragrance again later in the day
• Fragrances don’t last forever, so avoid storing the bottles near sources of heat

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