How to Clean Your Browser for Better Internet Experience

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Internet is readily available here in Singapore and the whole world. Accessing it is an important part in our lives whether we are at work or at home. Looking for the perfect internet service provider is not easy and we need to consider different things before actually signing up. After choosing the right service provider and the type of internet to consider (i.e. fiber-optic, DSL and cable internet), it is time that you learn how to clean your browser.


It is crucial that you learn how to clean your browser because there are some things that can significantly affect internet speed. When it comes to internet speed, you only deserve nothing but efficient service. Here are some things that you should consider when cleaning your browser for faster internet experience:

Run a scan: There are different scans that you should consider for your computer. There’s the virus scan and the malware scan. Remember that malware, adware and viruses can slow down internet speed and eventually it can affect the speed of the whole computer. It is imperative that you run scans regularly to ensure that your computer is malware and virus free.

Clear cache: When you surf the web, the browser will store information about the sites that you visited. This is to make sure that the site will load faster for your next visit. However, it can reduce the speed of the browser since myriad of information are stored every now and then to the site. You have to clear cache as often as you can to boost the performance of your browser.

Remove toolbars: You are not aware that toolbars can consume bandwidth. If toolbars eat bandwidth, it will decrease the performance of the browser. It is high time that you remove the toolbars.


Update browser: Another crucial thing to consider is to constantly update browser. Browsers are always developed and newer versions offer productive performance than its predecessors. Check if you have an updated version of browser. If not, just update it.

Drive clean up: If you notice that your computer is running slowly, you have to consider cleaning your hard drive. Slow computer can also affect your browsing experience.

Uninstall unused programs: You have to know that there are many programs installed that consume bandwidth. The best thing to do is go over your list of programs and uninstall those that you are not using.

Sometimes you have to do your share so you can get the best internet experience. Do not just ignore things and forever wonder why you paid such poor service.


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