How to Know What Kind of Eyeglasses Suit You

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You may have wanted to wear eyeglasses so badly when you were younger, but when you grew up and actually needed them, you realized that they’re not as glamorous as you once thought. Nowadays, they’re simply a part of life, and more and more people are starting to need and wear them on a daily basis, whether they’re students or working professionals.

Whether you see glasses as a necessity or an accessory, it’s important to know what kind of glasses you should get. Different frames have different shapes, but how do you know which frame is for you? Here are a few simple tips you can follow to find the perfect one:

1. Look for frames that contrast your face shape. If your face has more angular features, it’s best to soften them with more rounded glasses. On the other hand, if your face displays more rounded features, contrast them with more angular frames.

2. Proportion is key. Ideally, you want a pair of glasses that’s in proportion with the rest of your face. Not all frames will be good as eyeglasses – while a Ray-Bans frame may look great on you when you’re looking for something to keep the sun out of your eyes, they may not exactly look great when you’re trying to see something clearly.

3. Pick a color that complements and highlights your features. You’ll stand out more with glasses that contrast the tone of your face and hair, but it’s really up to your style. If you’re not sure which color to start with, black is always a safe choice.

Before anything else, though, you should have a good idea as to what your facial shape is. There are many tests that you can take online to know which one you have, but the best way is simply to take a good look in the mirror and simply trace the outline of your shape with lipstick or an erasable pen.

For instance, if your face shape is heart-shaped, aviators are a good way to balance the forehead with a narrow jawline and a slightly pointed chin because of how it flares out. Rounded rectangles work for square-shaped faces because they even out the angles, and taller frames are in good order for narrower faces as they make them appear broader. For the best idea on which suits your face, be sure to consult with your optometrist.

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