How to Perfect Your Summer Blush

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The blush is one of the beauty products we are in constant debate whether to wear or not to wear during this hot and humid season. Just like any other products, making the most out of your blush relies in the type of formula you use, the application and your skin type. That might be a lot to consider, but here are some tips to break it all down for you.

The Formula: Powder or Cream

The obvious difference of these two formulations is the texture. While the powder is lighter to the touch, creams are heavier, thicker and easier to build up. And because they have different formulations, deciding what to use depends on your skin type.

For those with normal and combination skin type (i.e. skin that generally experiences occasional breakouts and oily only in the T-zone), you can basically wear any blush, whether powder or cream.

However, if you are acne-prone and super oily, use powder blush. Cream formula picks up the texture and only adds up to the oiliness of the skin, making you look oilier later in the day. To keep the natural glow, use a powder blush with a little bit of sheen to it.


The two-finger rule for application applies to both creams and powder formulas. Place your first two fingers on the side of your nose, and apply the product from the area where your point finger is. This guide will prevent you from going overboard and applying the blush all-over the cheeks, rather than in places where the color is needed.

From there, the method of application varies, depending on the formula of the product. For powder blushes, use a small, dome-shaped brush, lightly sweeping away from the center of the face as opposed to harsh back-and-forth motion. For creams, it’s best to apply them using your fingers. The warmth of your fingers helps soften the product for easier blending.

From the starting point—your point finger—dab the product in a direction that would complement your face shape.

  • Oval: The purpose is to add width to the face, so keep your blush within the same level as your ears.
  • Round: Swipe the product in an upward angle towards the temples. This helps chisel your facial features and soften the roundness of the face.
  • Square: Apply the product in your cheekbone area to soften your strong features.
  • Heart: Brush some blush to the apples of your cheeks. This helps balance out your facial bone structure.

Among all make-up products, blush has the most power at changing your look. Use this super-flattering and extremely versatile product to give your skin an instant glow that lasts throughout the day even under the scorching hot Singapore sun.

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