How to Prevent Body Odours

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These days, it is humid and the sweat is undeniable. You simply want to live smelling good. You do not want to emit the odor that can repel your neighbours and co-workers. Smelling good is important for many Singaporeans that is why you pay attention to your hygiene and your clothes.


However, there are times that odor will find a way to stick. With this, it is important that you keep the odor away or at least minimize it before anyone recognizes and avoids you. Here are some tips:

  • Bring baby wipes: When things get a little bit sweaty, you can use baby wipes. If you do not have any baby wipes, perhaps a towel or handkerchief can do the trick. You have to remember though to use baby wipes once and wash the towel before using it the next day.


  • Utilize hand sanitizer: Sometimes, sanitizers are better than colognes. Sanitizers will kill bacteria but cologne only masks the smell and the effect s do not last long. For a quick remedy, you can apply hand sanitizers on sweaty parts (except for the face of course). After the sanitizer, you can commence with the perfume or cologne.
  • Maximize deodorant: If you have problems with your smelly feet, you can maximize your deodorant. You can apply deodorant on your soles before putting a clean sock. Of course the deodorant used for your armpit is a different one. This can give relief to stinky and sweaty feet. It will be embarrassing if other people find about this odor.

There are myriad of ways to keep the odor at bay. You just need to be conscientious.


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