How Well Do We Manage Pressure?  

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How did we get ourselves in this situation? An over-demanding client, hectic schedule and looming deadline are typical situations we find ourselves in. These situations are natural especially if we are working here in Singapore but what if it takes a toll on our family and social relationships? The answer to dealing with pressure is good time management.


It is important that we do not let pressure engulf us. Good time management is a crucial skill – it gives us more time for our friends, family, leisure and work-related activities. In fact, according to Dr. Jan Yager, a productivity expert based in New York, good time management can help us prevent burnout – the total loss of initiative or the inability to continue working.

If at this point we need help in sorting out our priorities to help us manage pressure, the first thing that we should do is characterize what we are and from there we will know how to manage pressure well. Here are some characteristic:


  • The overachiever: If the first thing that we do in the morning is check and reply to last night’s emails or when we are in our workplace and the supervisor gives us a huge project with a tight deadline, we will work double overtime every day until it is complete, then we are an overachiever. People around us will think that we are driven and focused. We act this way because we simply want to prove that we can handle anything and everything that comes our way. However, these actions will increase our risk of burning out. How do we manage this? For a start we can try committing to just an hour a day for a quality time with loved ones.
  • The lackadaisical: If we are the type that strongly adheres to YOLO (You Only Live Once) or Carpie Diem, it is easy to live life. We have so much time to have fun that we fail to really that work is equally fun too if we give it a chance. We should be careful because we tend to under-prioritize our work.
  • The Balanced: If the first thing we do in the morning is mentally running through tasks to be competed for the day or if we have free hours today, we prefer to go for a walk with the family or friends to catch up, then we are definitely the balanced type of person. We handle most work situations headed our way with ease and assurance. We are the type that acknowledges the importance of good work but also enjoy a social life.

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