Insider Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

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Weddings are big—and expensive—affairs, but they are also beautiful, joyful and fun. As any brides would know, budgeting, planning and managing a plethora of elements can get seriously stressful. If you are one of those brides-to-be who are slowly morphing into a bridezilla, don’t lose hope! We’re here for you. We’ve rounded up some trendy tips and tricks for a less stressful wedding planning.

  1. The Dress

Crisp white wedding gowns are no longer mandatory. Subtle colors, like champagne and blush, are all the trend right now; and don’t even underestimate ready-to-wear dresses you find in department stores. Going for a ready-made one will greatly reduce the wedding planning stress, since you already have all your options in front of you, and all you need to do is just to pick the one that fits perfectly on you.

  • The Invitations and Save-the-Date Cards

Eliminate the need to print multiple cards for your invitations and save-the-dates by creating a wedding website. For the wedding invitations, still send out printed invites for formality.

  • The Bridal Makeup

For a fresh look all day, make sure to keep your lipstick looking sharp and crisp by keeping a lip liner on hand. This will be your best friend the whole day of your wedding. Not only does it reshape your lips, but it also serves as a stencil for your lipstick to last longer.

  • The Venue

When asking for a venue’s capacity, ask for maximum guest count for seated dinner. If planning to hire a live band, ask for space for the stage and the dance floor. In many cases, these aren’t included in the maximum guest count.

  • The Décor and Setup

Among the popular wedding décor trend today is bringing the outside in, with lots of fairy lights and greenery. For the dining setup, go for classic style with romantic edge by using monochromatic floral centerpieces with accents like textured plates or linens. Top it off with accessories like tall vases.

  • The Food

Perhaps, you may want to consider choosing healthier menu over friend and thick-gravy recipes. Even if you don’t go all-out healthy, having one or two healthier recipes, such as green salad and roasted turkey, will give your menu a variation. Ask your caterer if they are open for customizing the menu, too, especially if you have a family recipe you want to include in your banquet.

  • The Photography

Take advantage of engagement photo shoots. They are important to creating beautiful wedding photographs, since they help you get comfortable in front of the camera. And when doing engagement shoot, go for your favorite places and do things you feel comfortable doing. That way you can ignore the camera.

If everything else fails and you’re in the verge of throwing it all away, remember why you’re planning that wedding in the first place. You are marrying the love of your life, and that should be enough to keep you going.

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