Key Considerations When Searching For an Electrician

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Searching for the right electrician for your property’s electrical project is far more than just cost consideration. You want to make sure that the job will be executed and done safely. Given that electrical systems are one of the leading causes of home fires, hiring a good electrician may not be enough. Make sure to give these essential points some consideration to help you pick a qualified professional to do the job.

1. Research
If you want to shortlist experienced and licensed electricians in Singapore, you need to invest a good amount of time doing researches about potential contractors. There are so many electricians out there claiming to provide excellent services, but you need proofs and assurances, which you can only do so if you dig deeper into their history. Look them up online and read reviews about their performances.

2. Experience
Years of experience of a contractor when you call for licensed electrician service in Singapore are crucial in determining their qualifications to do the job. Those who have been in the service for many years are likely to offer outstanding workmanship. Since they have come across many different kinds of electrical projects—and have likely encountered projects like yours multiple times—you can expect unparalleled expertise when you let them handle your electrical works.

3. Insurance and Licenses

You want to make sure that your electrical expert is insured and licensed to execute the job. Should something go awry, you’re at peace knowing that your property is covered. During an interview, do not forget to ask for proof of insurance and amount of coverage. Some contractors only cover a portion of the property’s value, while others reimburse you with 100 percent of your property’s cost.

4. Reputation

Look for an electrical contractor who are recommended by previous clients, have good reputation and are financially stable. If this is the first time you’re hiring an electrician, it’s essential to ask for a list of their previous clients who you can contact for reference. This gives you an idea of their work ethics and if they provide a job satisfactorily.

5. Credentials

Electricians in Singapore are regulated by organizations and associations. For one to qualify, they need to show certifications and proof of training. If your prospect expert isn’t affiliated with any relevant organization to prove his skill, you’re better off finding another expert. While they may entice you with low service rates, you may end up with more costly damages caused by an unprofessional performance.

6. Contractor’s Website

This helps you know more about a contractor. In case you forget to ask anything in the initial interview, you can get more answers and information in their website. An electrician services company without a website in today’s market should be something to be concerned about as most established companies here in Singapore have one.

7. Financial Budget

Of course, your budget is an important consideration when hiring an electrical expert, though it shouldn’t be a top priority. Clarify and get a clear estimation of the project expenses. Consider the materials and equipment to be used for the job, devices, fixtures and appliances to be installed and the cost of labour. But before signing any agreement, it never hurts to ask a contractor on how you can possibly save more.

8. On-Site Inspection

If you want to ensure quality work and the most accurate quotes, insist to have an on-site inspection. A good electrician should have no problem assessing your electrical project before they give you a quotation or before they suggest a method to use. A contractor who insists on closing the deal on the phone is either a scam or an incompetent one. It is advisable that you hire someone who can provide you estimation by inspecting the site first and without charging you for it.

9. Warranty

A licensed electrician should provide a warranty for his work, but find out whether the warranty covers both electrical parts and labour or only one of the two. Also, find out for how long the warranty is effective. Keep in mind that a good electrician who gives warranty is more likely to provide excellent services since they avoid redoing the work without pay.


Once you have shortlisted a couple of electricians, ask for a quote from each of them. This allows you to compare prices and see who offers the most reasonable rates. As much as possible, you want a quote that shows complete details—electrical parts, materials needed, and labour costs—for transparency of overall cost. This avoids overpricing and allows you to adjust your budget in the right areas.

11. Payment Method

Which payment method does a contractor accept? Instalment basis or upfront payment? Cash or credit card? Regardless, beware of electricians who ask for full payment before they start the job; they might do some shady works and refuse to refund you in case of faulty works. Ideally, a deposit is required before commencing with the project and the remaining balance upon completion.

Hiring the right contractor is the most crucial part of an electrical work. You need to consider different factors before deciding on the right professional or electrician services company. To make sure that you’re hiring a qualified and reliable electrician, do some research and be smart with your decision. Look at their qualifications and remember these important points as you scour the market for the right electrical expert to do your property’s electrical works.

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