Make-Up for the Rainy Season

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Now that summer is ending, we ladies have to make some adjustments in our makeup. Once it pours, our umbrellas can only do so much, so we have to take some precautionary applications so that we can maintain our good looks even if the rain unexpectedly catches us out.


 1.       Use oil-based foundations

In ideal conditions, a water-based foundation is better, but with the change of weather, it’s best to stick with an oil-based foundation when you have to be out. While it may feel heavy, an oil-based foundation will protect your face from light showers and prevent it from looking blotchy.

Also use waterproof eye shadows (just be careful as it sets very quickly), and exchange your lipstick for the more lasting lip-stains (make sure you moisturize your lips before applying). If you think it might rain, never ever put on a black kohl liner lest you might end up looking like a panda.

2.       Protect with sun screen

Surprise, surprise – it’s not time to hide your sun screen yet. Apply water-resistant sun screen before you put on your base so that your facial skin is protected whatever the weather. And if possibly, keep your make-up to a minimum.


As your skin is the most vulnerable to the rain, highlight the other features of your face instead. If you get caught in the rain, use mascara to liven up your eyes and gloss up your lips as it tends to look dull after getting wet. Leave your false eyelashes at home unless you’re sure that you’ll always have a roof above your head.

3.       Feature your eyes or lips

Poor weather is an excellent reason to trade your eyeglasses for contact lenses. As the skin tend to look pale after the rain, coloured contact lenses will leave you still looking striking. However, stay away from heavy and dark eye make-up.

If you want to emphasize your lips instead of your eyes, you may also do so, but avoid doing both. Use a bright-coloured waterproof liner with a matte finish for your lips. The best colours are deep red or bright ones like pink or orange. Lastly, you can put on a finishing spray to keep your make-up in check.


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