Makeup Rules to Avoid Looking Old

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Ill-fitting clothes and tacky accessories can make you look unfashionably old, but so is the way you apply makeup. Here are the things to avoid when applying makeup so that you don’t get mistaken for an old lady.

Apply Makeup after Moisturizing. Applying makeup on dry skin can make your skin look older and flaky even when you’re good at blending. To avoid dry skin, you should exfoliate at least once a week and never forget to moisturizer after cleansing. Apply a skin primer too before putting on your makeup so that the skin feels hydrated and smooth.

Wear the Right Foundation. When applying foundation, make sure that the color you picked is two shades closer to your skin tone. How will you know if it’s the right color? Apply it on your jawline, not on your wrist which can be slightly darker or lighter than the skin on your face and neck. Don’t forget to apply the foundation not just on your face but your neck as well.

Wear the Right Concealer Shade. The same rules apply for when you’re picking a concealer. Never pick a shade that is lighter than your foundation, especially if you’re using it to hide the dark circles under your eyes. Pick a peach tone that will act as a color corrector and won’t highlight the eyebags.

Don’t Use Too Much Powder. Applying too much powder can make your face feel heavy, especially if you have oily skin. You can use a blot film paper that absorbs oil to remove excess powder. Don’t apply powder on areas where it’s not needed, so concentrate only on the T-zone of your face.

Wear the Right Blush. Avoid colors that are too bright, because your blush should complement your natural skin tone. Never pair a bright blush with bright lipstick and eyeshadow, because you’ll look like you’re dressing up as a witch.

Match Your Liner to Your Eyes. How you draw and where you place the eyelines can make a lot of difference. If your eyes are spaced apart, the line should be thickest in the inner corners of the eyes for example. If you have close-set eyes, thicker lines should be placed at the outer corners instead.

Use Light Shades for Brows. Choose an eyebrow pencil shade that is the closest to the natural color of your brows to avoid intense and dark lines that can make you look mature.

Moisturize When Applying Matte. If you have dry lips but like the effect of matte lipstick, never skip on the moisturizer so that your lips don’t crack.

Care for Your Neck and Chest. People often forget to take care of the areas below the head, but these areas are also exposed to sunlight and need to be moisturized and protected to avoid wrinkles and spots.

Too Much isn’t Good. Too much makeup will make you look old. You don’t need the entire set for most of your life unless you’re working as an entertainer. Cover only the flaws that need to be covered and apply light foundation or concealer to correct colors.

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