More Singaporeans Prefer the Train

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When you travel abroad, what mode of transportation do you consider? If you consider the plane, you will only see the clouds. If you drive, you will not enjoy the sceneries because you are too busy minding the road. If you take the boat, you will only see the sea most of the time. Considering this, what is the best mode of transportation?


According to local travel agencies, more Singaporeans prefer tour packages that comprise of rail journeys. That speaks for something. That means more and more Singaporeans prefer the train. The popular destinations for rail journeys include Taiwan, Europe, South Korea and Japan. What prompted many Singaporeans to consider rail journeys? Here’s an idea:

  • Scenic Views

Trains are appealing because it will give you a different view of the sceneries. When you travel from one locality to another, you get the chance to witness the beautiful sights without paying for a tour guide. You cannot see everything if you consider the plane or the boat.


  • Time-Saving

Trains save time compared to the coach. The train can travel twice the distance of the coach. Passengers prefer lesser time to travel. Others consider coaches because they are cheaper but they end up missing time and many beautiful sights.

  • Comfort

Taking rail journeys is a different kind of commuting. The wide windows and the plush seats are noticeable. You can eat or talk at the same time witness the grandeur of nature.

Though rail journeys are expensive compared to the coach, Singaporeans do not mind this because they can get so much in return. The next time you travel abroad, you have to think about rail journeys.



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