Must-have Apps for Women

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Being a modern woman entails a lot of things. There are times that you can cope, there are times that you cannot. That is understandable knowing that there are a lot of things going on here in Singapore and women here need or want different things.


Despite the daily struggles of different women every day, you have to agree that there are certain things that every woman needs. This article will discuss must-have apps for women. So, here are applications that women need to keep their life on the line:

  • Application 1: There is an application to call for help. Every day, women feel threatened because of different things. Now, women can walk down the lonely street feeling safe. Women can also ride taxis or buses without worrying about other passengers and robbing. Thankfully, you can download an application like MyDistress or Circle of 6 app which will connect you directly to the police as soon as you hit a specific button. The good thing about this app is you do not need to call the police because the app will triangulate your location thus pinpointing it to the police.
  • Application 2: Hailing a cab is not as simple and easy as it used to be. It is not even safe at some point in time. You need to feel safe when hailing a taxi and when you are there, you have to be vigilant. There are many taxi booking apps that you can consider. Now, you do not need to call the company. You just need to contact them via your app and viola, your taxi will come. Do not forget to text your friends and family taxi information so they will not be worried.


  • Application 3: One of the most useful applications is keeping track of your expenses. Actually men and teens can benefit from this one not just for women. This will help women consolidate their earnings and realize where it goes. The good news is that there are many budget apps out there. You just need to find what suits you.
  • Application 4: There are times that we do not mean what we say if you send it, you will surely regret it later. The best part is that there is an application that can stop you from sending a text which you will regret later. There is an application like Textalyzer that forbids you to text a list of people.

With these apps, living in Singapore will be easier.


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