Smartphone Tips for Your Next Adventure

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No travel is complete without taking pictures. The pictures will remain as memorabilia. Reliving is always easier if you have pictures with you around. Because of modern technology, it allows us to save more photos and digitally store it somewhere for later use. Traveling has never been this fun!

Season globetrotters do not carry bulky camera and equipment around. That is heavy to drag around especially if you have many days on the road. This is the reason why smartphones are on a rise. Smartphones with good cameras are now available not only here in Singapore but around the world. It is like having the whole world in your fingertips.

It is time that you learn from the seasoned globetrotters. If you do not have DSLRs, you can maximize the potential of your smartphones for your next quest. With some skill and practice, you will surely get high quality pictures plus you can upload it immediately and digitally store it right away! Here are some smartphone taking tips that you can consider:

Do not zoom

Sometimes you zoom to have a better view of something but once you start to zoom, it will degrade the quality of the images. The best thing to do here is to crop it. When you crop, you are just sampling pixel that was recorded. Cropping will still leave you with many resolutions for better display.

Do not filter

Sometimes many people opt to filter because it is easy. Do not be like millions of people who paint their photos with filters. You should edit it instead. There are many editing applications that you can download for free or minimal cost online. The editing applications will let you make adjustments from color temperature to contrast.

Do not let the lens get dirty

Before taking any picture, make sure that the camera is cleaned because lenses will likely to get hazy and it can pick dark images if it is dirty. Remember if the images are hazy or dark, no matter how you edit it, it won’t be any better.

Do not consider fake blur

You blur the background of something because you want to highlight something. There is nothing wrong with that but adding fake blur can make it look unnatural. The best thing to do is to keep the background simple or make that thing the central object.

Remember that a good photo is a good one regardless of the equipment used to take it. DSLR or smartphone isn’t important as long as you captured the right one.

5 Things One Should Know Before Becoming a Landlord

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The role of the property manager isn’t the only important thing in a property management business. The responsibilities of a landlord are also as important as that of a property manager since they get to personally deal with some of the complaints of the tenants.

So if you happen to be thinking of pursuing a career same as that of a landlord then there are few things that you might need to know first. The things that you need to know are as follows:

1. The job of a landlord is not scheduled

Your job as a landlord is much more of a spontaneous one, which means that your job isn’t the type wherein you work starting 9:00 A.M. and leave at 5:00 P.M. As a landlord in Singapore, there will be days where you will only get to work for an hour throughout the day, or work for not less than 15 hours the next day.

Aside from a spontaneous schedule, your duties can also change in a matter of seconds. Your obligation for the day might just be to collect the payment of your tenant but that can change if we say that your tenant would ask you to take a look at the leak that they’re experiencing in their place. Depending on how you’ll act on your tenant’s request, your 10-minute task can eventually turn into an hour of ordeal.

2. You have to play different roles

Delving into property management Singapore doesn’t mean that you’ll only play the role of a “landlord” only because the truth is landlords get to play different roles and carry out different tasks. If you want to become a successful landlord, then you should be able to become accustomed to each role that you will be playing. Else, you should look for property management services in Singapore to help you out. Some of the roles that landlords play include becoming a realtor, a salesperson, a negotiator, a debt collector, a repairman and a supervisor.

3. You need to follow legal rules

Being a landlord isn’t as easy as it seems since landlords need to abide to legal rules in Singapore like being conscientious about the things that they’re going to ask the potential tenants. Aside from that, you also need to abide to certain housing safety codes such as putting up smoke detectors in your property. Landlords also need to follow some health codes which include functional plumbing systems and being free from any insect or rodent infestation.

4. You get to learn new things as a landlord

The good part about becoming a landlord is that you get to learn based on experience and not just by simply reading some manual that tackles your responsibilities and such. Learning through experience is actually an important thing in the field of property management.

As a landlord, you’ll also learn how to properly choose the right kind of tenants that you would want to occupy your property and also develop methods which can efficiently deal with their future problems.

5. It’s a very rewarding job

Aside from the monetary reward that you’ll get from the job, you will also feel the reward of having a personal freedom since you, yourself is your own boss. As a landlord, you’ll also get to develop some personal relationship with your tenants and you’ll eventually feel good that you have provided them a home.

The job of a landlord isn’t just as simple as collecting rents and attending to the needs of the tenants but it’s also about ensuring that the people who occupy and will occupy the property will get to experience that “my estate” feeling while staying in the place and hopefully create good memories there.

A Young Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer Prevention

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There are several risk factors that increases a young woman’s chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer – and while the risk of developing the disease increases as we age, there are several preventive measures every young women can do to lessen her risk of getting breast cancer. Read on to know of the preventive measures that’ll help you protect yourself from the life-threatening disease.

1. Know Your Breasts

Various changes occur in a woman’s breasts throughout her lifetime – and with breast cancer being the leading cause of death in young women aging 15 to 34, it’s just important that you know about your breast health. Other than undergoing several breast cancer screening tests, you can also know more about your breast health by performing breast self-exams. Consult with your physician about the pros and cons of doing self-exams, and if possible, have your doctor teach or review the self-exam steps with you. Knowing how your breasts should feel will definitely help you detect any significant changes, such as lumps, in your breast area.

2. Learn Your Family History

According to health experts, young women with a family history of breast cancer have a higher risk of developing and acquiring the disease. If breast cancer does run in your family’s genes, make sure that you get tested for breast cancer in Singapore and disclose this information with your doctor so she can determine whether or not you’ll need a more rigorous breast cancer screening test and schedule.

3. Identify Your Risk Factors

While there’s no way to completely prevent breast cancer, experts believe that one can reduce their risk of getting the disease. Of course you won’t be able to change risk factors like age, genetics, family history or prior history of being diagnosed with breast cancer – but factors related with lifestyle like exercise, diet and alcohol consumption are within your control. Your best defence against breast cancer is to stay aware of your risk factors and take preventive steps to change the factors that you can control, along with undergoing regular breast cancer screening Singapore tests.

4. Understand the Hormonal Factors

Aside from the genetic and lifestyle factors, Singapore health experts explain that hormonal factors also plays a role in a woman’s health risk of having breast cancer. Some of the hormonal factors that could increase one’s breast cancer risk include early menstruation, late menopause, failure to complete pregnancy after 20 weeks, as well as undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Some studies also reveal that women exposed to prolonged or higher levels of oestrogen – those with greater number of menstrual cycles – are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

5. Stay Informed

One of the best things that young women can do when it comes to preventing or reducing their breast cancer risk is to learn about the disease’s grade, stage and treatment options available. Breast cancer is an area with fast-growing research, and advancement on diagnosis and treatments. The more you know about these things, the better you can protect yourself from developing the disease – and the better armed you’ll be if you happen to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Some of the good online sources about breast cancer information are as follows:


6. Prioritize Breast Screening Tests

Early breast cancer diagnosis is crucial to successfully treat the disease, which is why Singapore health experts recommend undergoing clinical breast exams as early as age 20, and yearly mammograms at age 40. If you have a family history of the disease or is considered high risk for some other reason, then it’s best to start undergoing screening tests earlier than the suggested age. For some, an MRI or a sonogram may be recommended. Younger women tend to have denser breast tissues, which makes it difficult to screen with a mammogram test.

7. Practise Persistence

Because most breast cancer incidence isn’t common in younger women, and only increases as a woman ages, doctors usually dismisses a young woman’s concern. Don’t let it end that way though. Young women should be persistent to get screened if they feel something wrong with their breasts. Even if you’re not feeling any out of the ordinary lump, but is experiencing nipple discharge or unexplained pain, do insist on getting checked (or simply find a doctor who will listen to your concerns).

8. Reach Out to Other Young Women

Being diagnosed with breast cancer in your 20s, 30s, and even in your 40s can be very isolating – but it shouldn’t be that way. Instead of feeling isolated, go online or ask your doctor for connections with other women your age who are also diagnosed with the same disease. Women with breast cancer are just amazing – they get connected by a common friend or a doctor, and they visit each other at home or accompany one another to their chemo sessions. It’s certainly a group you wouldn’t want to sign up for, but it’s a group that’ll make dealing with breast cancer as a young women much less difficult and lonely.

Just because you have certain risk factors for getting breast cancer doesn’t mean that you’ll really get it. After all, two of the biggest factors for developing the disease – aging and being female – aren’t something you can change. So instead of worrying about getting breast cancer, just do what you can to have a healthy lifestyle. You won’t just lessen your breast cancer risk, you’ll also feel better overall.

Key Considerations When Searching For an Electrician

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Searching for the right electrician for your property’s electrical project is far more than just cost consideration. You want to make sure that the job will be executed and done safely. Given that electrical systems are one of the leading causes of home fires, hiring a good electrician may not be enough. Make sure to give these essential points some consideration to help you pick a qualified professional to do the job.

1. Research
If you want to shortlist experienced and licensed electricians in Singapore, you need to invest a good amount of time doing researches about potential contractors. There are so many electricians out there claiming to provide excellent services, but you need proofs and assurances, which you can only do so if you dig deeper into their history. Look them up online and read reviews about their performances.

2. Experience
Years of experience of a contractor when you call for licensed electrician service in Singapore are crucial in determining their qualifications to do the job. Those who have been in the service for many years are likely to offer outstanding workmanship. Since they have come across many different kinds of electrical projects—and have likely encountered projects like yours multiple times—you can expect unparalleled expertise when you let them handle your electrical works.

3. Insurance and Licenses

You want to make sure that your electrical expert is insured and licensed to execute the job. Should something go awry, you’re at peace knowing that your property is covered. During an interview, do not forget to ask for proof of insurance and amount of coverage. Some contractors only cover a portion of the property’s value, while others reimburse you with 100 percent of your property’s cost.

4. Reputation

Look for an electrical contractor who are recommended by previous clients, have good reputation and are financially stable. If this is the first time you’re hiring an electrician, it’s essential to ask for a list of their previous clients who you can contact for reference. This gives you an idea of their work ethics and if they provide a job satisfactorily.

5. Credentials

Electricians in Singapore are regulated by organizations and associations. For one to qualify, they need to show certifications and proof of training. If your prospect expert isn’t affiliated with any relevant organization to prove his skill, you’re better off finding another expert. While they may entice you with low service rates, you may end up with more costly damages caused by an unprofessional performance.

6. Contractor’s Website

This helps you know more about a contractor. In case you forget to ask anything in the initial interview, you can get more answers and information in their website. An electrician services company without a website in today’s market should be something to be concerned about as most established companies here in Singapore have one.

7. Financial Budget

Of course, your budget is an important consideration when hiring an electrical expert, though it shouldn’t be a top priority. Clarify and get a clear estimation of the project expenses. Consider the materials and equipment to be used for the job, devices, fixtures and appliances to be installed and the cost of labour. But before signing any agreement, it never hurts to ask a contractor on how you can possibly save more.

8. On-Site Inspection

If you want to ensure quality work and the most accurate quotes, insist to have an on-site inspection. A good electrician should have no problem assessing your electrical project before they give you a quotation or before they suggest a method to use. A contractor who insists on closing the deal on the phone is either a scam or an incompetent one. It is advisable that you hire someone who can provide you estimation by inspecting the site first and without charging you for it.

9. Warranty

A licensed electrician should provide a warranty for his work, but find out whether the warranty covers both electrical parts and labour or only one of the two. Also, find out for how long the warranty is effective. Keep in mind that a good electrician who gives warranty is more likely to provide excellent services since they avoid redoing the work without pay.


Once you have shortlisted a couple of electricians, ask for a quote from each of them. This allows you to compare prices and see who offers the most reasonable rates. As much as possible, you want a quote that shows complete details—electrical parts, materials needed, and labour costs—for transparency of overall cost. This avoids overpricing and allows you to adjust your budget in the right areas.

11. Payment Method

Which payment method does a contractor accept? Instalment basis or upfront payment? Cash or credit card? Regardless, beware of electricians who ask for full payment before they start the job; they might do some shady works and refuse to refund you in case of faulty works. Ideally, a deposit is required before commencing with the project and the remaining balance upon completion.

Hiring the right contractor is the most crucial part of an electrical work. You need to consider different factors before deciding on the right professional or electrician services company. To make sure that you’re hiring a qualified and reliable electrician, do some research and be smart with your decision. Look at their qualifications and remember these important points as you scour the market for the right electrical expert to do your property’s electrical works.

Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

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Your parents have probably told you to get you off your PlayStation every time you sat down in front of it due to its perceived long-term effects on your health. However, contrary to what most adults think, playing videos games can actually be beneficial for one’s health. Here, we listed down some of the touted health benefits of gaming on children and adults alike.

boy and a girl playing video game

  1. Boosts Memory

More and more studies are showing that video games are actually good for the memory. Recently, a study conducted by a group of researchers found that the hippocampus – the region associated with memory and complex learning – was altered through playing 3D video games. The study revealed a 12 percent memory improvement in individuals who played the said game. Although it’s still not quite clear as to how these games are improving the memory function, researchers are excited about how this activity can possibly be used to treat people suffering from cognition and memory issues.

  1. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

While it’s not readily apparent, playing video games actually help in developing impressive levels of hand-eye coordination. In fact, games have been used to train some surgeons, as they are required to perform tasks with precise movements in a very limited space, which is pretty much the description of a typical game. Fast-paced games, such as first-person shooting games, have been shown to greatly help in developing fast decision making habits and boosting motor skills.


  1. Sharpens Decision-Making Skills

Aside from improving hand-eye coordination, playing video games is also believed to help in sharpening one’s decision-making skills. Most games are loaded with problems that force players to weigh each option’s pros and cons before making a decision that would impact the entire in-game experience. Strategy games, such as StarCraft, requires its players to think critically on a high level. Even first-person shooter games require a good deal of strategical and critical thinking, instead of simply aiming and shooting at your enemies.

  1. Relieves Depression and Stress

Nothing alleviates stress quite like a battle tank annihilating waves of enemies in a faraway planet. There’s science to back that up: some evidences are now showing the connection between playing video games and reduced stress and depressions levels. As it turns out, video games aid in keeping our brains busy, removing us (at least temporarily) from the anxiety and stress that the real-world presents. Simply playing games like Plants vs Zombies, for instance, can already be a relaxing exercise for most personality types.

Aside from being a good source of entertainment, video games, it turns out, also offer several surprising health benefits. So don’t feel bad about spending an hour or two playing your favourite video games—just make sure it’s not all you do all the time.

I'm going to beat you, Dad!

5 Ways to Calmly Deal with a Jealous Friend

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We’ve all been jealous at some point in our life and while it can be quite difficult to deal with, there are certain things that you can do to calmly deal with a jealous friend. It’s only natural to be envious of another person, but if it’s already starting to take over your friendship, then it might be time to take action using the following tips.


  1. Understand Her Side

The best way to handle a jealous friend is to simply put yourself in her shoes. Does she feel insecure about her appearance? Perhaps she’s in a job or a relationship that she isn’t happy with, whereas everything is going perfectly fine for you. Whatever it may be, try seeing things from her point of view. You might realize that she’s going through a tough time, and you just haven’t been sensitive with her feelings.

  1. Communicate as Honestly and Gently as Possible

Take some time to speak with your friend about how they really feel towards you. Be honest but gentle with what you have to say, and don’t feel downtrodden if you’re answered with shouts of denial. It’s normal and to be expected. Also, avoid starting your conversation with a blunt statement like, “I know that you’re jealous of me”. Instead, approach her with, “I noticed that something has changed between us, and you’re starting to feel distant.” This way, you’ll have a good chance of having a calm discussion about the issue.

  1. Don’t Avoid or Ignore the Issue

Even if your friend’s jealousy is starting to drive you nuts, do your best to face the issue on hand. Ignoring or avoiding her will only make things worse, especially if her jealousy is caused by you being friend with other people. It’s also possible that she’s not aware that her behaviour is causing a rift in your friendship, and practising the silent treatment won’t certainly help in resolving that rift.


  1. Give Them Some Space

Once you’re done talking with your friend, take a step back first and allow everything to sink in. Perhaps they need more time before they can start letting go of their jealousy. So don’t force them to immediately change the way they view you. When they’ve thought things through, they’ll definitely come to their sense and hopefully, fix their broken bond with you.

  1. Decide if Your Friendship is Worth Keeping

There’s only so much that a person can take when it comes to dealing with a jealous and negative friend. For this reason, you need to decide as to whether or not your friendship is still worth fighting for. If you’ve done everything but to no avail, then you might want to consider taking some drastic measures. Remember that you should choose to be happy, and if that particular friend can’t do it for you, then it might be time for you to start looking for a new friend.

Dealing with a jealous friend doesn’t have to that difficult if you just follow the aforementioned tips. But if these things still won’t help, then it might be time to move on and stop stressing yourself out with your friend’s jealousy.

Friends arguing

Could You Have STD and Not Know It?

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That summer fling, one night stand, an ex-partner who cheated on you, and even that new lover you have been dating for a month—all of them can make you think, ‘Do I have STD (sexually transmitted disease)?’


Perhaps, you have checked yourself down there—no sores, no itching, no funky smell, no weird discharges, and no burning sensation when you pee. Basically, there’s nothing alarming that would send you running to the doctor. But does that mean you’re okay?

Not exactly. It is possible to have STD and not know it if you do not go for in Singapore since there are infections that lie dormant or show minimal—almost unnoticeable—symptoms. Sometimes, these symptoms can be mistaken for other health conditions, like when women have irregular discharge from a yeast infection. While some STDs show mild or no symptoms at all, they are capable of causing serious health complications.

Why You Need to Know

In the same way we get germs and bacteria on our skin, in our mouth, or in our internal system and not know it, we can have germs on or inside our genitals as well. The only way to know if you’re infected with STD is to talk to your doctor and have STD screening in Singapore. Even if you show no signs and symptoms, it can cause great threat to your health and to your partner’s.

Some STDs, including gonorrhoea and chlamydia, can cause infertility is left untreated. This is most especially true for women. These infections can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and can infect the cervix, uterus, and the rest of the reproductive organ.

Other STDs like HIV and syphilis can be fatal. If undetected for year, syphilis can damage the heart, brain, and the nervous system. HPV, on the other hand, can cause penile cancer in men, cervical cancer in women, and cancer of the anus for both genders.

When to Get Tested

According to Singapore health experts, the frequency of the STD screening depends on several factors, such as the following:
• Age
• Gender (females are tested more than males because their risk of infertility is higher)
• If you are pregnant
• If you are a man who have had sex with men
• If you have had multiple sex partners
• If you share injected drug supplies
• If you have had unsafe sex
If you have never had STD screening and is sexually active, there’s no other better time to get checked than today.

STD Tests

There are different tests for detecting different STDs. To know the right test for your STD screening Singapore, openly and honestly discuss with your doctor the sexual activities you’ve had. Full knowledge about your sexual behaviour allows your healthcare provider to determine which test is/are appropriate on you. Your physician may have to get blood sample, urine sample, or swabs from your mouth or genitals.


Also, expect that your doctor will inspect every potentially exposed area. If you have had anal intercourse, your physician will have to check your rectum. If you have had oral sex, your mouth and throat will be examined.

Asymptomatic STD

One of the reasons that make STDs so common today is that most people infected with such diseases don’t even know that they’re infected. It is not uncommon to get infected and not show any symptoms—the reason why some Singapore healthcare experts call STDs ‘the hidden epidemic.’ They are all around us, they are invisible, and can cause serious health consequences including infertility and even death.

• No Recognizable Symptoms
Chlamydia is a curable STD, but most infected women and men show no signs and symptoms. Half of women and 10 percent of men with gonorrhoea also don’t show symptoms. Many other infections can also lie silently inside the person for months or years. It’s very easy to get infected and not know about it. That is why safe sex should be practiced at all times.

• It Can Cause Long-Term Health Complications
An STD may not show signs as of the moment, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not taking a toll on your—or your partner’s—health. If left untreated, some STDs can damage your reproductive system and can make it impossible for you to have children. Over time, other infections can lead to body illnesses, organ damage, or even death.

• Feeling Good Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe
Feeling good and showing no symptoms doesn’t guarantee that you’re safe from STD and that you can’t pass on an infection to a partner. Some people who know they have STD think they can’t spread the infection just because they don’t have symptoms. This is not true. Herpes, for example, is a transmissible STD even when the infected person doesn’t have outbreaks. Same with HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer; and HIV, the virus responsible for AIDS. Since these infections are incurable, it’s extremely important for infected people to take extra precaution with their partners, whether or not they show symptoms.

STDs can be sneaky—they can infect people without them knowing it. The best way for sexually active people to ensure optimum sexual health is to use barrier methods, such as dental dams and condoms, correctly and consistently. Likewise, getting STD screening regularly, or at least between new partners, makes it possible for every person to detect potential infections in their earliest and curable stage.


10 Do’s and Don’ts for a Start-Up Entrepreneur

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If you are a newbie entrepreneur who wants to start a business in Singapore or elsewhere, here are the top do’s and don’ts you need to follow:


  1. Do ditch perfectionism. Nobody and nothing is perfect. Don’t wait for things to happen just because you need to complete and perfect each step. Let it go and launch as soon as possible. You can perfect it along the way.


  1. Do develop your strategic business plan. You need to have your own business plan including marketing and of course back up plan in case your business won’t fly. You need to be specific in terms of identifying what you want to do and where you want to go a few years from now.


  1. Do hire people that will help you. You are not an expert in everything so you need to hire people to help you out in areas that you find difficult.


  1. Do choose a company and brand name that is catchy and memorable. Your company or brand name will carry your business as you start and as you develop through the years. You need to create something that would catch your customers’ attention and be able to sustain it.


  1. Do live beneath your means. Even if you have already started and the profit so far is doing well, try to live below your means for a while and save your earnings up until you are confident to splurge.


  1. Don’t invest in unnecessary things. Don’t invest or buy things that you know won’t help your business at the moment. Limit your expenses since you are still starting.


  1. Don’t quit your day job yet. If you do have a day job, don’t quit just yet if you are not 100% confident that your business can be successful. You still need those extra cash for emergency expenses for your business.


  1. Don’t get easily distracted. There can be too many distractions but you need to focus your attention to your vision. Just believe that you can achieve what you want by staying focused and disciplined.


  1. Don’t let competition wear you down. Competition can be very intimidating but don’t get scared. If you know you have an edge, give your competition a good fight and a run for their money.


  1. Don’t try to do all things on your own. You are not superman or a superwoman. Since you are still a start-up, try to delegate some tasks to your partner or other family members who are supportive enough to help you out. Your success will after all become theirs in the near future.


7 Ways to Beat Boredom While  You’re at Home

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Who wouldn’t want to stay at home and just basically do nothing? Well, for the busy bees it could be a great break from all the stress. One or two days can be relaxing but sometimes hours of doing nothing can be a drag. What would you do if you’re obliged by your doctor to bed rest for a week or you filed a vacation leave and just want to stay at home? Here are ways on how to beat your boredom as advised by some people in Singapore:


  1. Read books. It might be good to catch up on your reading. There’s nothing more entertaining, well especially for the book worms, than wallowing in reading novels, love stories or intense detective plots. The feeling of imagining yourself in a different world can make you forget you are even bored in the first place.


  1. Movie marathon. The usual activity you do when you are alone or when you are with your significant other is this. All you just have to do is grab some popcorn, rent some dvds or Netflix your favorite movies then you are good to go.


  1. Watch your favorite series. If you want to kill some time, this could definitely do the job for you. This is the best time to binge watch your favorite series like Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, New Girl, etc. You won’t even feel bored once you get hooked with the entertaining scenes per episode and season.


  1. Play games on your phone or enjoy xbox. Candy crush, Temple Run or other games on your smartphones can come in handy whenever you are bored. You can also grab your xbox, if you have one, and indulge in fun games with your family.


  1. Invite your friends for a get together or house party. One of the best solutions to cure your boredom is to invite your friends to come over. You can do anything you want at home plus you get twice as much fun. You can play games, drink some booze, cook some barbeque, bake some cupcakes, etc.


  1. You can start a new hobby. There are tons of things that you can try whenever you are bored. You can start a new hobby like doing something you have been itching to do for the past years. You can write a blog, do crocheting, gardening, pottery, or even baking. Anything you want to learn can be searched through Google or YouTube.


  1. Shop online ‘til you drop. Online shopping can be fulfilling especially if you are at home. Retail therapy can help in uplifting your mood and in making you feel excited. As a reminder, don’t spend too much and look for sales and discounts.

Young Woman  Shopping Online With Credit Card And Laptop

How to Nail that Interview And Walk Out with a Job

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If you no longer like your job, why stay? If you force yourself, you should be ready for endless taunts at night and unhappy moments. You worry if you can find another job. Of course you can find another job if you know how to nail that interview and you are patient. The first thing that you need to do is to convince the company that you are the right fit.


Before submitting to an interview, you need to pass your job application. The company will contact you if you are short listed then there comes the critical part – interview. It seems hard to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the job especially with the myriad of job seekers out there.

Job-seekers tend to focus building a remarkable application that they forget to prepare for the interview. There are some who do not care about the job application and prepare for the interview but their attempts were futile because at the onset they were never considered because of their vague job application. Application and interview comes hand in hand so you should give importance to both.

If you are done with building your job application and preparing for the interview, here are some tips on nailing it and walk out with a job:

  • Credible application: You should bring a copy of your resume because it will be your guide all throughout the conversation. Your document should be honest and does not contain exaggerations. Never reveal confidential information or destructive comments about your previous employer even if you were unhappy.


  • Maintain positive attitude: Employers want to see a positive attitude. Start by coming to the interview early and walking out calmly even if it did not go well according to your expectations. When answering questions, you have to exhibit maturity. Do not let previous bad experiences keep you from claiming that job. You have to hold the opportunities presented to you right now.


  • Sensible appearance: You have to know that what you wear and how you appear in front can make a difference at the end of the day. You have to appear sensible by planning your wardrobe. Dress formally but comfortably. Keep away from bizarre hairstyles and too much makeup. Appear smart, confident and professional not arrogant or overly confident.


  • Communication skills: You have to come prepared. You need to practice answering typical questions and gather information about the organization and the trends in that specific industry. Communication skills are very important in any organization.

That’s it. With these simple points, you will surely ace any interview provided you are serious about it.      nail-that-interview