Reminders for 20-Somethings

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Being in 20-something is the time when one establishes oneself to his professional life, the time when someone strives to be truly independent and standing on his own feet and the time when one tries to make his dream come true. All of these sounds good, but apart from achieving one’s dream, establishing oneself in the professional world and the like—there is more to being 20-something. Here are more of what you must do during your 20-something years aside from what was mentioned.


  • Make mistakes. The first thing you should do once you reach your 29-something years is to make mistakes. The more mistakes you do, the more you learn. In the same way, the harder you fall, the higher you rise. Do not be afraid of mistakes, welcome them.
  • Seize opportunities. Opportunities are abundant during the years of 20-something, so make sure that you make the most of them by grabbing them. When the opportunity you have been waiting for comes, do not hesitate or fear. Do not also ask yourself if you are ready for it. Just seize it.
  • Be ready not to be ready. There are a lot of times when you feel that you are not yet ready to the situations and opportunities that will come to you. This is perfectly normal. If you want to excel and make the most of your 20s, recognize this feeling and get over it by taking the leap and taking risks.Young_Adults
  • Build relationships. If you are not into thinking about other people in the early years of your life, it is now time to change it and be more friendly and open to relationships whether it be for casual, familial or romantic. At the end of the day, you will realize that building relationships and network is helpful for your career.
  • Balance your mind and heart. These years are the years you will make major decisions in your life. Use your heart and mind in discerning. Be logical and see objectively, and at the same time, here the whispers of your heart and what you really like.1301016_SCI_20somethingsFun.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large

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