Revving up with Karting

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Singaporeans are fond of racing. The Singapore Grand Prix is a living proof. Every year, Formula One organizers introduce programmes that seek to extend their reach to more locals and tourists. The tentative schedule for this year’s Grand Prix is on September 17 to 19, 2014. Many people are anticipating this event; these people are excited to see brand new programmes.


This year, the Singapore Grand Prix (GP) is excited to offer Karting Training Programme. So, what is the mechanics of the programme? You have to be guided so you will know how to participate. Here are the mechanics:

  • Participants: Organizers have a system that will determine the lucky people who will enjoy the training programme. There will be a raffle draw. About 120 students will be picked to train. The students should have no prior experience in karting training. They will compete with one another. There will be two categories – ages 15 to 17 and 18 to 21.
  • Dates to remember: The programme will be on June 11, 13 & 15. It is open for residents and citizens. Its culmination will be in August 30. The culmination will be in the form of race at the Marina Bay Street’s Circuit.

Stag Berlin - Go Karting

  • Prizes: It was mentioned a while ago that there will be two categories. There will be a winner for each category and they stand a chance to win cash and a scholarship. The actual prize is not yet determined. The scholarship is worth S$ 11,850. The students will then be included in the next year’s karting competition which is sponsored by Motor Sports Association.
  • Additional: Karting will also be extended to more or less five hundred residents during the Kartnival this coming August 31, 2014.

Apart from the karting experience, the organizers have many things in their mind. The Singapore GP already put in place guided tours. These tours will include a chance to visit a team garage. Apart from that, organizers are thinking about conducting road shows in partnership with Public Libraries; the road show will feature the history of Formula One.

This is a good opportunity for GP fans. This is indeed a nice experience. For sure there are many who are eyeing for this opportunity. If you are not chosen, you can easily go to recreational facilities that offer go karting. Karting is a memorable experience. It should not be missed. You should bring your friends and your family with you when you kart. They will enjoy it. That is for sure.



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