Safety Equipments for Paddleboards

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On November 24, 2013, a student went missing in the waters of NSRCC (National Service Resort and Country Club). The club is in Changi Coast Walk. The student was only seen with a paddleboard and without any safety equipments. He joined his windsurfing friends. The MPA (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore) was alerted right away. MPA immediately arranged SAR (Search and Rescue) which involved 2 MPA boats, 1 PCG (Police Coast Guard) boat and 2 NSRCC small boats.  


Paddle boarding has been gaining popularity both as a sport or a recreation. It involves an individual standing on top of the board propelling it by using a paddle. All paddleboard fans should practice safety whenever they are in the water. Here are things that should be remembered when paddle boarding:

Life Jacket

It is important that you wear life jacket. This is your first line of defence if things get sour. It is strongly recommended to look for a life jacket that fits you comfortably. It should not be too tight or too loose. Your life jacket is the difference between life and death so it should be considered.



The next thing that you should remember is to always carry sound producing equipment. You can for instance consider horns or whistle. You have to make sure that it can he heard at least one half nautical mile so if you are distressed, there is a big possibility that someone heard it.


Flashlight or lantern

If you are paddle boarding at night, you should always bring a flashlight or lantern which produces white light. Flashlights and lanterns can prevent collision so it should not be forgotten. You can also use flashlight or lantern if you notice limited visibility.

Do not underestimate the waters. By remembering the things mentioned above, you will surely come to shore unharmed.

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