Singapore: How to Know If It’s a Good Car Mechanic

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Determining a good auto-mobile mechanic is not easy. However, it will be simpler to know what a good mechanic is if you ask him these questions:


  • How long does your service warranty last? –  When the company answers shorter that you expected, they are not the repair shop that you are looking for. On the other hand, if it exceeds you expectations it is a good car mechanic.
  • Are you a trusted mechanic? – This will be very hard for car mechanic if they know that they not that type of mechanic. However, if a mechanic can sense he the one, he will confidently answer your question. Basically, trusted mechanics are the on who suggests on how you are going to save money.


  • Can I see how you fix my car?  – A good mechanic is not afraid to show his work. When he allows you to see his work, he’s a good one.
  • Am I annoying when I’m asking questions?  – An excellent car mechanic can be able to teach his customers on what are the things a car owner must know. If he’s not paying attention to your question, find a new one.

Generally, when you car experiences big problem, going to a car repair shop is the answer. But make sure that the mechanic that you have selected has a very good performance and service so that you can assure your cars health.


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