Singapore is Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

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The government is conducting series of public consultation on the Healthy Living Master Plan from April 22 to May 31, 2013. The aim for this public consultation is to engage the community and get their views regarding the Healthy Living Master Plan. The government is doing its best to promote healthy lifestyle for all Singaporeans. Indeed health is wealth.

The idea of the Healthy Living Master Plan is to make sure all Singaporeans have equal access to healthy lifestyle. The plan revolves around the three initiatives-Place, People and Price. Place refers to the creation of the conducive environment. People refer to the active engagement and awareness of the community. Lastly, Price refers to reasonable options for all Singaporeans. Here are other areas that are emphasized in the Master Plan:

Balanced Diet. Balanced diet means looking out for the food you eat. The public should make recommendations on how to encourage healthy eating.

Physical Activity. Some people never consider physical activities because they have no time or they are too tired for it. This is not good because exercise for example can give a lot of health benefits. You cannot just consider balanced diet without physical activities and expect to be healthy. The government is thinking of ways on how to engage Singaporeans to physical activities.

Smoke-Free Lifestyle. Smoking not only affects the smoker but the inhaler too. Smoking will lead to illnesses that can cause death. Smoking should be controlled. The government is now developing the idea of tobacco control to regulate smoking but in the meantime, the government is focusing on promoting a smoke-free lifestyle.

Immunization. Vaccination is important to prevent the outbreak of any disease and for personal protection too. Some never consider vaccination for various reasons (they think it is painful, unnecessary and costly). The public should suggest how to encourage vaccination to people.

Health Screening and Follow-Up. The government promotes early detection of diseases so the chances of surviving are good. Regular health screening and follow-up should be put into practice. But there are times that it cannot be done. The government should think of ways on how to engage health screening and follow-up to its people.

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