Singapore Running Routes

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Get out of that chair and do your share to make your body healthy and fit. If you have a sedentary life or work, it is important that you engage in physical activities. You should allot time doing physical activities. It is not enough to earn because you need a good and conditioned body to endure work. There are many activities that you can consider if you set your heart to it.

You can hit the gym at least thrice a week. The gym is equipped with items that can help you strengthen and condition your body. Physical fitness instructors are available to help you execute the exercises well. Find a gym near your place or house to be convenient. If you want to hit the road, running or jogging is best for you.

Running or jogging is fun when you are with your friends or loved ones. The road will not be long if you have company. It is safe to have a running or jogging buddy so that when things happen, you have the other person to rely. If you are worried about the running routes in Singapore, here’s a list of the routes you can take:

  • Endurance – The road is 6.3 miles or 10.1 kilometres. You will circle Sembawang, Admiralty Road West, Admiralty Park and Woodlands Avenue 9. 
  • Raffles-MBS-Flyer 6k – The road is 3.8 miles or 6.1 kilometres. You will pass by Downtown Core, Raffles Avenue, Raffles Boulevard and ECP.
  • Around block 727 – The road is 0.9 miles or 1.5 kilometres. You will pass by Jurong West Street 72.
  • 14.2 km – The road is 8.8 miles or 14.2 kilometres. You will pass by Ang Mo Kio, Hougang and Tampines.
  • Bishan back home – The road is 5.1 miles or 8.3 kilometres. You will pass by Bishan Road, Bishan Street going to Ang Mo Kio.

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