Singaporean Dishes Everyone Are Crazy About

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Singapore is just a small city-state as far as land area is concerned. However, Singapore has contributed greatly in the culinary world with unique and delicious dishes that would drive any foodie crazy to have some more. With that, we listed down some of the best Singaporean dishes that would certainly make anyone ask for seconds.


Bak Kut Teh

This is literally translated as pork rib tea. It is pork boiled for hours together with herbs and spices. Despite the name of the dish, there is no tea in it. It is, however, traditionally served together with oolong tea.


Chicken Rice

It can be considered as Singapore’s national dish. Every restaurant or stall serves this dish and would add up their own twist to make their own niche in the food market.


Carrot Cake

Despite the name, this isn’t actually carrot and neither is it cake. It’s actually based on radish drenched in rice flour and friend with turnip, soy sauce, and spices.



Rojak is a Malay word for “mixture”. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of fruits and vegetables (much like a salad). It usually contains fried dough and prawn fritters, boiled eggs and potatoes, bean sprouts, cuttlefish, cucumbers, and bean curds mixed with a sweet thick, spicy peanut sauce.


Chili Crab

Besides chicken rice, chili grab is one of the more sought after dish in Singapore. It’s a crab dish traditionally served with spicy chili tomato gravy. People who love the spicy gravy would even mop up the plate with mantou buns.


Yong Tau Foo

It’s the best Singaporean dish for a health enthusiast as this dish features vegetables or tau foo (tofu). It can either be dry or with a healthy serving of sauce. The traditional version is made with tofu stuffed with pork meat, which is then fried and served together with vegetables.


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